FontMeister Version 1.0.3

Finally I have managed to complete the new version of FontMeister. The biggest feature of this release is the support for Font Squirrel. This is a big deal because at present FontMeister is the only WP plugin to support Font Squirrel.

Unlike other services such as Google Fonts or Typekit, Font Squirrel poses a unique challenge because it doesn’t provide hosted fonts. Instead you have to download @font-face kits from Font Squirrel to use the fonts. So I wrote the code to download the file, unzip it, and make the fonts available.

I did come across one issue, though. My local installation sometimes failed to download larger @font-face kits. The problem would resolve itself if I attempted the download after some time, but would resurface again if I attempted to download other big files. I put this down to some WP configurations at my end, since I had no such issues on a public installation of the plugin.

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    • Under FontMeister → Font Sources → Font Squirrel → Combine Font Squirrel CSS files, set it to not combine the fonts.

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