Dec 242012

A user pointed out a bug in FontMeister today, which, to my extreme surprise, should have been caught at least a few weeks back! The issue was that for Font Squirrel fonts, if the font had only one variant, the CSS selectors for it were not showing up in the font stack. I have fixed this issue, which is the only change in version 1.04 of FontMeister.

Please let me know how it works for you, and if you like the plugin, please review it at its official WP page.

Nov 132012

Finally I have managed to complete the new version of FontMeister. The biggest feature of this release is the support for Font Squirrel. This is a big deal because at present FontMeister is the only WP plugin to support Font Squirrel.

Unlike other services such as Google Fonts or Typekit, Font Squirrel poses a unique challenge because it doesn’t provide hosted fonts. Instead you have to download @font-face kits from Font Squirrel to use the fonts. So I wrote the code to download the file, unzip it, and make the fonts available.

I did come across one issue, though. My local installation sometimes failed to download larger @font-face kits. The problem would resolve itself if I attempted the download after some time, but would resurface again if I attempted to download other big files. I put this down to some WP configurations at my end, since I had no such issues on a public installation of the plugin.

May 222012

I have released version 1.02 of FontMeister with a minor feature addition: TinyMCE support. Fonts that you add through FontMeister will now be visible in the drop-down list of fonts that you see in your visual editor in WP for editing posts and pages.

Note that for Typekit fonts you will not be able to see the font taking effect in the back-end. This is due to how Typekit and the WP Editor respectively operate, and is not a bug with the plugin.

May 152012

I patched a minor problem affecting some users of FontMeister. Affected folks were unable to add new fonts to their stack – this update should take care of the problem.

A small Suffusion update – I am working on a new skin. It is going to look very different from what you have seen from me, and will no doubt showcase the tremendous power of the theme and its markup. At present I am stuck with the look and feel for the featured content and the menus, but apart from that, the skinning activity is more or less done. One thing that I haven’t been able to decide on yet is whether to release this skin as a part of Suffusion or as a child theme – very soon the WP repository will start supporting child themes.

I haven’t devoted any time to the “responsive” aspects of the theme – I have been too busy with my family, my work and other things. I will probably get started on this after my vacation in June / July. Before that I hopefully will be able to release a version leveraging some of the capabilities of the upcoming 3.4 version of WP.

May 082012

For the longest time I have wanted to write a font management plugin to facilitate the easy addition of fonts to a user’s font stack. Finally last week, after submitting the HTML5 edition of Suffusion I had some breathing room to fit the development cycles required for such a plugin.

I would like to introduce you to “FontMeister – The Font Management Plugin”. FontMeister is being written with the goal of bringing together fonts from all big sources into your WordPress dashboard. In this first release I have built support for Google Web Fonts, Typekit and Fontdeck. In subsequent releases I will be extending the support to other providers and I will also include the capability to upload @font-face kits.

As a bonus for Suffusion users, the fonts that you pick in FontMeister automatically get added to the drop-down lists in the Typography section of Suffusion’s options.

You can download FontMeister from WordPress. Enjoy!