New Review System at

WordPress recently introduced a new review system at Under this system you can write a review for any theme or plugin and it gets attached to the theme or plugin page. Earlier the only way to put in a review was to comment on the support forum at

If you have liked my work (and even if you haven’t), I urge you to provide a review. The review sites for some of my projects are:

  1. Suffusion:
  2. Photonic:
  3. FontMeister:

I have been gradually wading through things on the professional front and will hopefully free up some much needed time to code. The responsive version of Suffusion should be out shortly, as will some enhancements to Photonic and FontMeister.

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  1. Hey Sayontan, I appreciate the effort that you put into your work. I’ve put up a review of Suffusion, do take a look

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