Photonic Version 1.36

Every year around this time I have a new release of Suffusion. This year though, it is going to be a new release of Photonic. Maybe there will be one more before the New Year, depending on how much my family manages to push me out of the house.

This version of Photonic has the following highlights:

  1. I rewrote the Picasa Processor to be DOM-based instead of event-based. While that is techno-speak, not entirely relevant to you as a user, what it means is that I was able to make a few things more elegant and easy for me to achieve. So …
  2. … There is now an option to let users display the image title instead of the description in Picasa. To use it, go to Photonic → Settings → Picasa → Picasa Settings → Photo titles.
  3. Nested collections in Flickr were not working correctly. A warning was showing up, and collections were getting repeated. This should be working fine now.
  4. I have also fixed an erroneous link for the Flickr collections’ thumbnails. Clicking on them should now take you to the right page
  5. Picasa thumbnails in the popup window now have the same dimensions as those in the main page.

Hope you like this release. I have some pretty big plans for the plugin, like extending support to Zenfolio and Facebook, adding the capability to use more lightbox libraries etc. You can rate / review Photonic at the official WP page.

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