Suffusion Version 4.4.4, Suffusion Shortcodes Version 1.01, Suffusion BP pack Version 1.13

I was hoping version 4.4.4 would go live on 12.12.12, which unfortunately was missed by a day. Here are the updates in this version:

  1. I removed the two shortcodes in the theme that could be classified as “post content” shortcodes – suffusion-widgets and suffusion-multic (along with its companionsuffusion-column). This is thanks to the guideline change from the review team, as mentioned in my previous post.
  2. JQuery 1.8.3 bundled with WP 3.5 was causing a conflict, resulting in problems in featured content display. That has been addressed. Sorry for not catching this prior to the WP 3.5 go-live.

I have also updated the Suffusion Shortcodes plugin to version 1.01. There was a small problem causing clashes with other non-plugin shortcodes in the previous version. This version should work just fine. You will need this version if you were using any of the removed shortcodes from Suffusion itself.

The other plugin updated is Suffusion BuddyPress Pack, which had a typo in one line, resulting in a script not loading.

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  1. Have figured out Mega menus to an extent but when I use a menu it will not display sub menues so my problem is how to get the submenu to show via the widget area. Go to and mouse over a link on the nav bar to see what I am trying to achieve. Then go to my site mouse over sample page to see what I can get.Not sure what plugin to use widget wise in order to get the result I need. I did try the jquery one and it worked great with wp 2010 or wp 2011 but not with suffusion. I understand about the conflicts with some plugins and suffusion. But it is a bit complicated at the moment and a bit of guidance on this would be great.



    • Honestly I didn’t understand the difference. If you are looking to add more columns in your mega menu you can do that via the configuration options. You could get the mega menu in Suffusion to render exactly the same way as the one in the site you have posted.

      I understand about the conflicts with some plugins and suffusion.

      This isn’t a conflict so much as a WordPress limitation. WP refuses to fix a problem that prevents users from using 2 things touching the menu navigation code. If you want to use a plugin for whatever you are trying to achieve, this is what you do:

  2. Hi Sayontan,

    So, does this mean that an upgrade to 4.4.4 will break any site that currently uses ‘suffusion-multic’?

    If so, sadness. And grumpiness at WP 3.5!


  3. Hi folks. 4.4.4 seems to have created some problems for me on two sites I have. The problem is with the featured content slider. After update, it dissapears. The only thing that stays on is one tiny white strip which is actually the border of the slider, but there’s no content. In the HTML the images are listed but they dont show up for some reason.
    The first site I had is now OK, but I have no idea what was the step that actually worked as this happened a while ago, and today I just updated my other site.
    I disabled all the plugins-no results
    I reinstalled Suffusion and imported all settings-no results
    My first site was on justhost and from what I’ve learned the problem may have been with the PHP version. However, the site that broke now is hosted on Hostgator, and I have yet another site that is all updated and hosted on Hostgator, and works as it’s supposed to.
    In Inspecting Elements on the page, I saw that there was a notification that the element has no style…then I re-copied the skin.css from the site that works… again no problem. I expected that maybe the width setting of the slider area is set for some reason to 0, but adding a width=300px in Firefox Inspect Element only widened the slider border without showing the linked images.

    Any ideas what may be the issue? BTW, the site that works ok now is, and the site that doesnt is

    • After several hours of clicking checkboxes I finally managed to get the featured slider working. It seems when WP 3.5 does the required database update (on some sites, I’ve noticed that on some sites there’s no need of DB update, no idea why), the Javascript that powers the slider gets “unhooked”, so even though the HTML has all the slides, they arent rendered. A simple switch of the Standard JS (29kb) to Minimal (4kb) gets the problem solved.
      Go to Back End-Site Optimization, and on the bottom of the page switch from Standard JS to Mini JS, click Save Settings, and then switch back to Standard JS. This fixed my site.
      I tried recreating the problem on a couple other sites I have that werent updated but I didnt manage to get the error. Gremlins.
      Anyway, hope this saves some frustration to folks that have the same “Suffision Featured Slider does not work” problem.
      Happy new year all!

    • Thanks for you advice. I got the same problem after a database update and switching between standard and minimal JS (and back) solved it immediately.

  4. Downloaded shortcodes and still cannot get post by tags to work in the ad hoc sidebar widget.

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