Photonic Version 1.41

I have just released version 1.41 of Photonic with the following updates:

  1. One of the most popular plugins in WP is JetPack, and it also happens to be one that messes up other plugins quite a lot. I didn’t have JetPack active for a while since unknown to me the last time I had tried to update JetPack I wasn’t successful. But apparently having some modules of JetPack activated, like “Publicize”, would cause the galleries to be evaluated twice, resulting in messed up global variables for Photonic. To cut a long story short, login buttons were not appearing. While JetPack is the culprit here, I understand that the 800lb gorillas are the toughest to dislodge, hence I made some changes in Photonic to get around this.
  2. I have added support for the ids parameter for the native shortcode in the “Add Media” panel.
  3. I have added options to control the display of the thumbnail, title and photo count in SmugMug album headers

Hope you enjoy this release. As usual, if you like Photonic please leave a review for it.

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  1. 15.01.2013


    after the Vulnerability Fix (3 Days ago) from Oracle for Java 7 Update 11, the JS libraries for gallery slideshows is not working.

    I have this Problem with IE8 and FF18.0.

    On an other older PC with Java 7 Update 5 its working without Problems.

    • :-/ Java and JS are two completely different things, with no similarity to each other apart from their names (and some basic syntax that is common to all languages developed with C as a starting point). You could have a machine running Java with JS disabled on your browser, or vice versa.

      I tested your hypothesis with the computer I am writing from (a Windows 7 machine) and I was able to go through the Photonic demos with no issues. I have IE9 here and FF18, and I uninstalled Java 6 update 35, replacing it with Java 7 update 11. Fancybox slideshows show up just fine.

      • Big thx for your Time and thx for testing this with Java 7 U11.

        And sure you are right, Java and JS are different things.

        I have just installed the Java Fix without any changes and now the Slideshow is not working. 🙁

        Can i send you an e-mail with a link to my site?

        • Hello,

          my PC with Java 7 Update 5 have now the same Problem.
          I think, my WP is buggy.

          Thank you for your help. 🙂

  2. Hi, the problems are solved.

    “TheThe Tabs and Accordions” Plugin was the malefactor.
    This Plugin automatically loads the newest jQuery Version 1.9.0 and disabled the Slideshow libraries in Photonic.

    I give the “TheThe Tabs and Accordions” Plugin a new path to load the Version 1.8.3, the same Version from WP 3.5. And now everthing works fine again. 🙂

    Thank you again, and sorry for irritating.

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