Suffusion Version 4.4.5

Version 4.4.5 got approved today. This version has the following changes:

  1. I have removed all uses of the “Pointer API”. This was the piece of code that used to show tips about changes in the new versions. This change was again necessitated by the WPTRT, since contrary to Andrew Nacin’s claims about the core team having no influence over the review team, the opposite does tend to happen quite often. This change came about because the core team didn’t want themes using this API. Anyway, this is not a big deal, and it only presents some loss of information.
  2. One of the recent additions to the JetPack plugin was Photon (not to be confused with my plugin Photonic). Photon offers some impressive functionality, like caching of your images and their dynamic resizing. So if you have JetPack and if you have activated the Photon module there, Suffusion can use Photon for resizing the images instead of the inbuilt resizer. You can switch this on from Appearance → Suffusion Options → Other Graphical Elements → Miscellaneous → Use JetPack Photon for Resizing. This is generally going to be more reliable since Suffusion’s resizing is handcuffed by the limitations of WP’s resizing capabilities. It is possible that the Photon integration may have some glitches, and if you find any, please report them. You will be able to turn off Photon integration and resume with your blog the way it was originally if some Photon-based feature doesn’t work out.

Hope you enjoy this release.

2 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.4.5”

  1. good stuff Sayotan…am glad to see u on top of things everytime..!!..
    Happy Lohri to u if yu celebrate it in that part of the world

  2. Hi Sayotan.
    I have installed Suffu-scion Child Theme.
    Can I upgrade automatically Suffucion without problem?

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