Photonic Version 1.49

One of the bundled third-party scripts in Photonic was recently patched for a vulnerability, so I have released a security patch for Photonic. Please update your sites to the latest version of the plugin, 1.49.

Thanks to all of you who wrote in with your feedback regarding Suffusion. I got caught up in work and wasn’t able to respond or thank each of you individually, but your comments are greatly appreciated! Happy to know that a 6-years old theme still has many takers. Here is what I have planned:

  1. I will be releasing one patch for the theme in the next few days.
  2. This patch will be trimming out most of the plugin-like functionality, barring the SEO module. That is because I still haven’t finished writing a plugin to transport the settings from Suffusion out to a plugin of your choice. All other excess functionality will be removed. Hopefully the reviewers will let the theme through.
  3. I cannot split the theme into a paid or light model. Paid software is against my first rule of open source coding, which is that I code for fun (I am not against paid software – I am just against asking for money for my code). Having a light model would add to the maintenance overhead of two forks of code. So maybe the solution is to gradually streamline or sunset the theme, and come up with something new. Who knows?
  4. I will be checking the theme for compatibility with new versions of WordPress as and when they are released.

Hopefully I will have a new version of Suffusion ready in the next few days.

19 Responses to “Photonic Version 1.49”

  1. Sayontan, That is great news. Please shout if I can help in any way.

    A Couple of questions:

    1: Can you post a list of what you will have to remove sooner rather than later so I can do some planning?
    2: Are you implementing ‘The Customiser’ for Suffusion Options?

    • Colin,
      Most of the removals should have no impact. This has been lifted directly from what I have identified in the change log so far:

      1. Removed support for custom post types (plugin exists independently)
      2. Updated theme to use latest WP features
      3. Removed inbuilt shortcodes (plugin exists independently)
      4. Theme used to save options upon activation – this has been disabled.

      I don’t have any plans to switch to the customiser for now.

      • Sayontan, Thanks for the info that is great news. Hopefully you will get it through the WPTRT without the Customiser (good news as far as I am concerned as I don’t like the Customiser).

  2. Thanks Sayontan. Colin asked what I was going to (his 2:).

  3. Hi Sayontan, really great news indeed, I am very happy, thank you.

    And I tried to add my humble contribution with 2 workarounds for transporting Suffusion SEO data for posts before you will find time to come with a better solution:
    Migrating Suffusion SEO Options for Posts

    Thank You,

  4. Thanks Sayontan for all you do for us. Some years ago when I decided to migrate my blog to WordPress, I looked at a lot of themes, and disliked every one of them until I found Suffusion. I even did pay for one or two that I later abandoned as almost worthless and far too difficult to deal with. I was thrilled to find Suffusion! Finally, a theme that allowed a great deal of control and customization for ordinary people! I can’t imagine what I’d have done without it. I’m heartsick that WP is causing you such problems, and that the future of the theme is in question. I confess it also makes me very nervous to think of “upgrading” to something that is going to remove some of the theme’s functionality. I really do hope the changes can be minimal.

    There is also such a nice community behind Suffusion. It’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure Drake and Colin were among those who answered my bewildered questions in the beginning, and did so with kindness. Thanks to you as well!

  5. I will always be ready and willing to develop new FREE Suffusion training videos. I have quite a few Suffusion training videos available and would be glad to work on more if you release any changes/updates.

    It is one way that I can pay all of your hard work forward. I would be great if you can keep Suffusion Theme up and running.

  6. Awesome news, Sayontan. Have loved your theme. Waited long for new release. Couldn’t be happier to hear about this.

  7. Hey Sayontan,

    I myself had a blogging/Websitedevelopment break which ended just about two weeks ago. I’m not a big player, I’m only hosting four very, VERY small sites in my spare time, all of them using your theme.

    Today I was searching some infos about the future of Suffusion because I noticed the very long time without any updates. Now I found your last two postings. I’m happy to see you will again spent time to keep Suffusion alive! Although I tried to, I didn’t find a theme which fits my needs as well as Suffusion does. Looks like the time has come to buy you a coffee 🙂

    Thanks for keeping this great thing alive and greetings from Germany!

  8. This is really great news; can’t wait for the next version of Suffusion!

  9. This is awesome! Happy to see you back Sayonton! Had been hoping of your return for a very long time. Indian Review has been around because of you and I am not a coder. So Cheers!

  10. An immense and heart-felt Thank you for all your work on the theme, and the extra work keeping it going. I dont know what I would do without it.

  11. So I left Genesis Framework and came back to Suffusion. I like that it is Open Source and I hope you are going to keep at it in the future? I really want to develop a habit of running a photoblog with it. Let me know your thoughts?

    Thanks… Nate

  12. Any news, please?

  13. Hi Sayontan ,

    Thanks for this great news . I was very worried about my site as the suffusion development support was discontinued . Now I am very happy and excited and can’t wait for the new version .

    I can see that current version of Woocommerce is not supported with the current theme . Hope for new version to come soon .

    Thanks for this wonderful theme 🙂

  14. I have searched a lot for newer version of suffusion and I am eagerly waiting for the new release. Thanks for the decision to give suffusion a new look. Can’t wait, when it comes…!!!!

  15. I have still not received any help with a posting I made Aug 17th and Sep 8th. Maybe a “reply” here will catch your attention in case you haven’t seen it.

  16. Hi, I have been using suffusion for years now and really like it. But seems there is no recent updates this year.

  17. Hi There,
    I’m just checking to see if Suffusion has been sunsetted or if you are still working on an update…. Please let me know if you get a chance. I use it on several sites and can’t update them to the new wordpress without breaking them. I just want to know if an update is still coming or not so I can try to switch to something different. Thanks and thanks for keeping such a great theme going for so long!