Pending Update for Suffusion and the Impact on SEO Options

It has been a long time since I committed to providing an updated version of Suffusion. But in between losing my licence for the IDE I develop on, and the plethora of things I needed to take care of in the theme, I just wasn’t able to do it enough justice.

Luckily I was able to roll up my sleeves this week and get all the pending things cleared out. I will shortly upload a new version to the WP theme repository. As it has been ages since my last theme update, I am sure the review team will come back with comments about making changes in the theme, so I am not sure how many iterations it is going to take. Regardless, it should now be a matter of days before the next version comes out.

That being said, I would like to call your attention to a comment I had made in my previous post. Quite a few options have to be removed from the theme because they are of a “plugin” sort, and one of them happens to be the set of SEO settings. However, long-time Suffusion user and forum administrator Drake has a way out for you. Do follow his instructions to ensure a seamless move from Suffusion’s SEO options to a plugin of your choice. If you were already using a plugin earlier, this should have no impact on you.

The version that I have submitted removes some features, but is not very high impact – there are no additional features. So the transition should be smooth.

6 Responses to “Pending Update for Suffusion and the Impact on SEO Options”

  1. Great news looking forward to the new version.

  2. Sayontan, we can only say THANK YOU and congratulate you that you managed to deal with the difficult wordpress folks successfully once more!!
    I am very much looking forward to seeing the update just so that wordpress stops marking your theme as “outdated”!

  3. I have updated to the new version. No problems at all, everything working well. Thank you so much Sayontan, this is an aewsome theme.

  4. Fantastic news! Thank you. I was having sleepless nights about having to eventually change themes.

  5. I updated to WordPress 4.4. but my slider is not working. How can I fix that?

    This is my website:


    • Not a Suffusion issue – one of your plugins broke. I see JavaScript errors for something that begins with “PPS”