GDPR Compliance for Suffusion

I recently received a question about GDPR compliance for Suffusion on the WordPress forum, posted on the support forum for Photonic – not the right place to post. But there is no support forum page for Suffusion on the WordPress support forums, plus I don’t monitor the forums here since I gave up working on Suffusion a few years back, so I am posting this here as a public service announcement.

Suffusion is fully GDPR compliant. To wit:

  1. Any information you enter and save in the back-end options stays there and is not sent outside your WordPress environment. Suffusion doesn’t send any data outside your website.
  2. There is no tracking of any sort built into Suffusion. Any references to “Analytics” in Suffusion (Appearance → Suffusion Options → Back-end → Analytics) refers to your ability to include tracking scripts into the footer of your website. Suffusion itself provides no analytics capabilities – that is strictly plugin territory.
  3. Suffusion doesn’t store any cookies of any sort.

If you encounter questions about GDPR compliance, please feel free to point the users to this page.

2 Responses to “GDPR Compliance for Suffusion”

  1. Thank you Sayontan.
    We are still sad you stopped suffusion, but understand it. Nonetheless, millions continue to use suffusion quietly, it remains the best theme in my opinion.
    GDPR: While your points are valid, they don’t address GDPR: what would be needed is an unticked checkbox similar to what they do here
    however I failed to add anything similar to suffusion code. So, we have none. And frankly, I don’t give… , lol. I feel pain having to click on crap confirmations everywhere I visit these days…
    Glory internet days, all gone.

    • David,
      The post above addresses whether Suffusion is GDPR compliant: does it collect any personal information, or does it store any cookies, and so on and so forth. To that extent my points above address GDPR perfectly. What you are asking for is how to display a note for the standard WordPress commenting system, but in the context of Suffusion. If I am not mistaken, Suffusion has a filter, suffusion_comment_form_fields that lets you add additional fields to display in the comment form.

      Please note that I do not support Suffusion any more at all, so I cannot help you with information more specific than the above.