Photonic Version 2.26 – Adapting to Flickr Changes

Over the past one week Flickr made some undocumented changes to its uploads, so that when a user uploads photos, a few things were changing:

  1. Some URL formats stopped being supported. In particular if users were relying on the official documentation, they were likely to be facing some issues.
  2. New videos started getting their URLs at a different location than the old videos

I had to quickly adapt Photonic to support these changes in version 2.26:

  1. Changed all instances of to
  2. Thumbnails for videos were no longer being returned in a manner similar to older videos, so the code has been modified to address that
  3. The Flickr changes also caused single photo invocations to break – I have fixed that part as well
  4. A change unrelated to Flickr was that the LightGallery full-screen plugin has been updated to the latest version to address a JS error that used to show up when a gallery was closed.

Apologies for forgetting to post this earlier – I was quite tied up getting Kon-Tiki live on this site.

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