Translation Updates

In the recent past I have received a few complaints about missing translation strings in the suffusion.po file. I used to use the online translation tool provided by ICanLocalize (I know they are connected to WPML, but I don’t know if the folks who wrote WPML are the same as those who own ICanLocalize). But […]

Suffusion Translations Updated to Version 3.9.0

My apologies to all earnest translators who had provided their translations to me a few months back. Since the translations were available on the forum I had been lazy about pushing them to the site. I finally got around to handling this today and it was a massive task, taking up more than 4 hours […]

Translations Updated to 3.7.8

This should have been done a long time ago, but a lot of extenuating factors have been at play here. The following translations have been added/updated: New Japanese, thanks to Trippyboy. Czech, thanks to Ivojan. Updated Spanish, thanks to Memoria De Una Desmemoriada Simplified Chinese, thanks to Wang Feng Traditional Chinese, thanks to Yilin Brazilian […]

Translation Updates

Over the past few weeks I received quite a few translations submitted to me via email and through the support forum. My apologies for not having got to them earlier. I have uploaded all the new translations and updates to old ones on the translations page. Thanks to the following folks for the new translations: […]