Suffusion Translations Updated to Version 3.9.0

My apologies to all earnest translators who had provided their translations to me a few months back. Since the translations were available on the forum I had been lazy about pushing them to the site. I finally got around to handling this today and it was a massive task, taking up more than 4 hours of my time.

There are a couple of brand new translations officially released:

  1. Hungarian, thanks to FYGureout. This is current and 100% translated.
  2. Vietnamese, thanks to Conghoang. This is translated up to version 3.8.1.

There are several updated translations:

  1. Chinese (Simplified – zh_CN), thanks to Alex of Melting Pot. This is translated up to 3.8.1.
  2. Chinese (Traditional – zh_TW), thanks to Yi Lin. This is translated up to 3.8.1.
  3. Czech, thanks to Luděk Melichar. This is translated up to 3.8.1
  4. Dutch, thanks to Wim Scholtes, who has continued to contribute even after switching themes. This is translated up to 3.7.8.
  5. German, thanks to long-time volunteer Connie. Connie has updated both, the Du and the Sie versions of the German translation up to 3.8.2.
  6. Hebrew, thanks to Adam Pery. This is translated up to 3.9.0, though a lot of strings are not translated.
  7. Portuguese (Brazilian), thanks to Miguel Koscianski Vidal. This is current and 100% translated.
  8. Russian, thanks to Victor Melnichenko. This is translated up to 3.8.3.
  9. Spanish, thanks to Nacho Vegas. This is translated up to 3.8.0.
  10. Swedish, thanks to Lennart Bonnevier. This is translated up to 3.7.8.

In general, a translation up to 3.7.8 should be good for most purposes. Most translation changes in subsequent versions were in the back-end, particularly in the widgets panel.

All translations can be downloaded from the translations page, or from the widget by the side here. Do let me know in case of any issues.

7 Responses to “Suffusion Translations Updated to Version 3.9.0”

  1. Hello Sayontan,

    I am glad this list is up to date. I will continue to update the german version whenever there are some new texts even when I am not active in the forum any more (for this I must excuse, I had to set priorities because of too much demanding work)

    have a good weekend,


    • Thanks, Connie. Don’t worry about not being able to help on the forum – you have been an invaluable asset!

  2. Dear Sayontan,

    As a fresh starter I am wondering where to put (install) the Dutch translation in the WordPress Theme directories. You surely got the answer. Would you be so kind and share that with me?

    Thanks for al your GOOD WORK and answer,



  3. Hi Sayontan,

    I’ve just updated the Portuguese pt_PT translation for Suffusion. The one you have available for download isn’t fully translated,

    If you want you may update now this translation. I’ve placed the files on my site’s server, pick them here :

  4. Chinese (Traditional – zh_TW)

    Updated to the 4.27 version on my page
    Sayontan, each new version can not continue to the previous translation files used
    This situation is that every time I have to re-translate 400 to 500 string
    The workload will be very alarming,
    Each version I can not update!

    • Hi,
      I wasn’t able to understand the concern you are stating, so maybe this will help. All up-to-date translations are available here: You can create a login there an update the translations directly. If the PO file changes, I update the strings on the site directly, so you only have to translate the new strings.

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