Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.10

I have released an update to the Suffusion Commerce Pack. Version 1.10 has one key feature: WooCommerce integration. So, the supported ecommerce plugins at this point are Jigoshop, WooCommerce and Prospress. Give it a shot and feel free to provide me with your feedback. Please bear in mind that I am not a Jigoshop / […]

Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.02

This is a late announcement regarding an update for the Suffusion Commerce Pack. I released version 1.02 of the plugin a couple of days back, but got too buried in my work to post this update. The version addresses a problem with the Prospress module in the auctions page. I have also submitted version 4.2.0 […]

Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.01

Suffusion and Photonic pretty much hold a duopoly over my WordPress development efforts, relegating all other plugins to the backburner. In this release of the Suffusion Commerce Pack I have fixed a bug with Prospress pertaining to its use with WP 3.3. Support for WooCommerce and WP e-commerce are in the queue, as soon as […]

Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.00

I have released a new plugin, Suffusion Commerce Pack at WordPress. This plugin is aimed at providing templates for common e-commerce plugins for WordPress. Since this is the first iteration, I have not included much. Nonetheless you can use the Commerce Pack to bridge Suffusion with the following e-commerce plugins: Jigoshop Prospress Jigoshop works seamlessly […]