Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.00

I have released a new plugin, Suffusion Commerce Pack at WordPress. This plugin is aimed at providing templates for common e-commerce plugins for WordPress. Since this is the first iteration, I have not included much. Nonetheless you can use the Commerce Pack to bridge Suffusion with the following e-commerce plugins:

  1. Jigoshop
  2. Prospress

Jigoshop works seamlessly with Suffusion via the Commerce Pack, while Prospress requires you to click a button in the settings panel.

Many thanks to Ciprian Dracea (aka Drake in the support forums) for his help with Jigoshop.

Hope you like the plugin. This is the first iteration, and I know little about e-commerce plugins in general. So there may be some rough edges in the implementation. Do let me know in case of any issues. Support and bugs are handled through the Support Forum.

One Response to “Suffusion Commerce Pack Version 1.00”

  1. Thanks Sayontan. Closer integration between Suffusion and ecommerce Plugins is a welcome addition.

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