Sep 292009

I made Suffusion translation-ready about a couple of weeks back and I have, since then, received a request for translation capability. As far as I know, getting translations costs money and unfortunately, since I provide both, this theme and its support for free, I don’t really have that essential ingredient. So I was wondering if anyone will be willing to help with translations. If some of you have already attempted translating the theme can you please send that to me so that I can include it in future releases?

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  1. I’ve alredy translated all the suffusion.po file to catalan, if you want, i can also translate it to spanish, but how i can make it work? because i’ve created file and i can do nothing…

    • Sturgelose,
      Thanks a lot! Please send across the files by responding to this mail. To make the translation work, the files have to be put in the translations folder of the theme. You then have to make a change to the file called wp_config.php in your WordPress install’s root directory, which says “define (‘WPLANG’, ‘es_ES’);”. Replace “es_ES” with whatever your language is.


  2. Hello Sayontan and congratulations for this great wordpress theme 🙂
    I’ve translated it in french today. Feel free to contact me, I’ll send you the fr_FR.po and

    Keep the pressure.


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