Suffusion Version 3.1.0 and New Year Goodies

A Very Happy New Year to all users of Suffusion and other visitors of this blog!

Version 3.1.0 of Suffusion was released on 30th December, after being stuck in the approval stage for almost 10 days. The release had the following features / fixes:

  1. Ability to include Featured Content on static pages
  2. The JQuery layout fix option was removed. The fix is now automatically added to all widgets in the sidebar.
  3. Fixed a couple of really old bugs (the first 2 bugs opened on the support forum, in fact!) that were causing the fields like “Featured Image” to be blanked out if the post was being edited using the “Quick Edit” option
  4. Made the styles consistent between the Category Posts widget and the Category blocks on the magazine layout
  5. Added a style fix for WP-Recaptcha

The long delay in approving the previous version meant I had a lot of time to work on the theme. The outcome was that I submitted version 3.1.5 today with a lot of modifications of varying sizes.Significant enhancements were made to the Options menu, with capabilities  like reordering the tabs in the tabbed sidebar, new capabilities for multi-select boxes etc. But more about that when 3.1.5 is released. I hope you like it.

I will work on building a showcase section on this blog, because frankly, I suck at marketing myself. And the releases after 3.1.5 will be geared towards more layout options and widgets.

One Response to “Suffusion Version 3.1.0 and New Year Goodies”

  1. Hi Sayontan,

    what about publishing the po-files and mo-files at the translation center in the forum before publishing the upgrade?
    Or send the file to the translators in advance?
    So the newest release already comes with uptodate-language files?

    Cheers, Connie

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