Suffusion Version 3.1.5

Version 3.1.5 of Suffusion went live today. As mentioned in my previous post, this was a pretty big release with a lot of fixes and enhancements, so without much ado here is the list:

  1. New Additions
    1. You now have SEO options for customization. This should, hopefully, make the use of an SEO plugin redundant. You will be able to control the format of your page titles using this feature.
    2. Navigation Bar Enhancements
      1. Your drop-down menu can now have external links. You can set this up through the theme options, under “Blog Features”, then “Navigation Bar Setup”.
      2. Now you can reorder the categories and links in the navigation. The theme is integrated with the plugins "My Category Order" and "My Link Order" plugins to reorder categories and links.
      3. You can also place links before categories and categories before pages in the navigation bar through a sleek drag and drop interface.
      4. There is now a “delay” upon hover for the navigation menu. Enhancement requests for this feature are welcome.
      5. The last items on the drop-down menus now have rounded corners (Firefox, Chrome and Safari only).
    3. You can now set the tab order in a tabbed sidebar (Suffusion Theme Options -> Tabbed Sidebar).
    4. Added default files for date archives and tags, date.php and tag.php respectively. Earlier these would be defaulted to using index.php.
    5. Added "Select All" and "Select None" buttons to all multi-select lists in the options page. This was a pretty old request that I am glad to have added.
    6. New translations
      1. Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO) – Thanks to Jan Roar Rød.
      2. Sie version for the German translation (de_DE-sie) – Thanks to Connie Müller-Gödecke.
  2. Bug Fixes
    1. Fixed a bug for IE6, where links at the third level in the navigation menu wouldn’t go to the correct page.
    2. Fixed a bug that was breaking the layout for password-protected posts/pages
    3. Fixed a WPML compatibility issue where the drop-down menus wouldn’t display for non-default languages.
    4. Fixed a WPML language-selector rendering issue in the header widgets, where the selector would become really ugly.
    5. Fixed an incompatibility between WP 2.9 and the Twitter widget.
    6. Fixed a bug that was causing the home page to be displayed in the featured content if the home page was a static page.
  3. Other Changes
    1. Redesigned the options menu by structuring it differently. Hope you like the change! The goal was to make it a little less daunting at first glance. I am sure it is still as daunting behind the scenes, though ;-).
    2. Consolidated smaller JavaScript files in the theme into a single large one
    3. Moved code from slider-init.php to featured-posts.php to avoid "500 Internal Server Error". Hopefully this will address the issue that some people were having with the featured posts.
    4. Changed the default settings in options menu for navigation bar. All pages and all categories are selected by default, pages are displayed "rolled-up" by default.
    5. Streamlined the Twitter widget options.

The next release will have a bunch of new widgets, following which I should be truly ready to start on the new layouts I promised.

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  1. Very useful new features! This template is just getting better and better.

    Donation is just sent, many thanks for your excellent work. Update is working fine.

    Only wish to disable the new “delay” function on the menu.

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