Suffusion Version 3.2.4

Version 3.2.4 was released today with the following features:

  1. More short codes and short code support
    Short code support has been added to text widgets, the sidebar tabs and to the page footer. In addition I created a new short code for printing post information. The short code is called suffusion-the-post and can be used with a parameter called display=’id’ or display=’title’ or display=’permalink’
  2. Fixed a bug that was causing links in the navigation bar to be taken to new windows instead of being opened in the same window.

2 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.2.4”

  1. I am truly amazed at how you are constantly improving Suffusion. It is a wonderful theme. My only concern has been about SEO, and I don’t know if that is a valid concern or not. I plan to make use of Suffusion again as soon as I can. I already sent some well-deserved coffee. Keep up the great work. John

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