Feb 012010

Version 3.2.5 of Suffusion was released today. The following are the new changes:

  1. New Templates
    I have provided 5 new templates with different sidebar layouts in the theme. For each template you can control the widths of the content and each sidebar:
    1. Single Left Sidebar
    2. Single Right Sidebar
    3. Single Left, Single Right Sidebar
    4. Double Left Sidebars
    5. Double Right Sidebars
  2. New Short Codes
    A handful of new short codes have been provided:
    1. suffusion-loginout – Analogous to the call wp_loginout(). Takes the parameter “redirect”
    2. suffusion-register – Analogous to the call wp_register(). Takes the parameters “before” and “after”
    3. suffusion-login-url – Analogous to the call wp_login_url(). Takes the parameter “redirect”
    4. suffusion-logout-url – Analogous to the call wp_logout_url(). Takes the parameter “redirect”

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