Suffusion Version 3.2.6

Version 3.2.6 of Suffusion went live today. Hopefully people with download issues on 3.2.5 will not face the same problems on 3.2.6. The following are the changes in 3.2.6:

  1. New Navigation Bar
    Bowing to frequent demand, I decided to provide a new navigation bar!! This navigation bar occurs at the top of the page, above the header. It has drop-down menus enabled and you can add pages, categories and links to it. Currently there are no widget areas there, but that will be a new feature very very soon.
  2. Customizable 404 Page Content
    You can now set the title and content of the 404 pages to something other than the rather boring and monotonous defaults. And yes, you can use short codes there.
  3. Fixed a bug in the custom styles calculations that was not passing the number of sidebars to a function call.

As you can see, I am in the process of opening up the layout of the theme in a bid to make it more flexible. In the last release I provided a handful of new templates and here you have a new navigation bar. Soon I will add new widget areas. Soon.

4 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.2.6”

  1. Sayontan, I can’t follow you, this speed is breathtaking ;=)

  2. Sayontan,

    I just realized that the fact that this theme is being updated so frequently, is probably the biggest reason why I chose it for my website ( Keep up the GREAT work!

    Andre from Holland (Europe)

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