Suffusion Version 3.3.0

Version 3.3.0 was released earlier today. Actually the original version I had submitted was 3.2.9 and it had a really wonderful feature, but I had to pull that feature after the WP reviewer pointed out that it could pose a security risk. So here is the list of features:

  1. Mixed mode layout
    One of the features that had been requested was the ability to display full contents for the top x posts and excerpts for the subsequent posts. I am happy to say that this release features this capability. You can have full contents displayed for a handful of posts and show excerpts, lists or tiles for the remaining posts on that page. You can control the settings via Blog Features –> Excerpts / Full Contents
  2. I have deprecated a few options: "Category Info in ‘Display List’ option", "Author Info in ‘Display List’ option" and "Tag Info in ‘Display List’ option". You can use the controls in the individual templates for Category, Author and Tag respectively instead.
  3. There is now a new control to display the tag description in the Single Tag template. Earlier you couldn’t see the description.
  4. Fixed minor bugs in the “List” layout
  5. I cleaned up some code for the different layouts, making things a lot more streamlined behind the scenes.
  6. Thanks to Harry Karayannis, the Greek translation of Suffusion is now 100% complete.

Now for the feature that I had to pull. I had provided a really cool short code that would let you execute any PHP function as a short code. However I have had to remove that call, because in a multi-user blog you could have unauthorized people with author privileges call admin functions unchecked. If you are running a personal blog you can create the short code yourself, though. To do this, add the following PHP code to functions.php:

function sc_php_function($attr) {
    $function = $attr['function'];
    $params = $attr['params'];
    $params = explode("||", $params);

    if (is_callable($function)) {
        $ret = call_user_func_array($function, $params);

    return $ret;

add_shortcode(‘php-function', 'sc_php_function');


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