Suffusion Version 3.3.5

Version 3.3.5 of Suffusion was released today with the following:

  1. New option to create a full-width header. You can now set your header to be full width, beyond the wrapper it is currently constrained under. You can make the settings under Visual Effects –> Header Customization
  2. New option to create a full-width main navigation bar. You can also set your main navigation bar to be full width, outside the wrapper. Mind you, if you pull your header outside the wrapper your navigation bar too will move out of it, and only if the header is outside the wrapper can you use the full width option of the navigation bar. You can control the settings from Blog Features –> Main Navigation Bar Setup
  3. Fixed an issue that was causing the Single Left Sidebar template and the Single Right Sidebar template to misbehave if the blog had 2 sidebars. Do let me know if problems persist
  4. The custom image size was not being picked up for the featured posts widget. This has been fixed. You might need to clean up your cache to get this working right.

I will slow down a bit for the next few releases, since I have not been doing very well health-wise, plus my workload has shot up.

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  1. Take care. Nothing more important than your health (and your family off course). We will survive a slower update rate of Suffusion 😉


  2. Dear Sayontan

    I’m working on a major remake on my blog, based on your fantastic theme. When I’m done I will send you a link (and buy you a coffee). Right now, I just want to say, that I’m very impressed by your commitment to keep the theme updated.
    However – please give priority to your health 🙂


  3. I am in the process of setting up my site. I tested many themes and became hooked with suffusion. I am so impressed by your awesome response and support of this theme – so impressive and many thanks to you for your commitment…..some coffee buying from me will definitely be in your future.

    Do take care of yourself and your health!

    Best Regards,

  4. Hope you feel better soon. I just started using WordPress, and am glad I stumbled upon your theme.



  5. I have been using your theme for a couple of months and am extremely pleased with its flexibility.
    I blogged the other day about implementing updates as soon as they come out and how commecially that can be a dangerous path – the very day the bug in 3.3.1. was announced! I had qualified my comment with the fact that in the public domain problems tend to be sorted much quicker than elsewhere – you proved me right, my thanks for that.
    I promised myself that as soon as you reached 3.3.5, I would buy you a coffee (maybe with the 3.3.1 bug that should now be 3.3.6 xD ?). That I shall do as soon as I have finished typing this.
    Thanks for an excellent theme and do take a little time to grab that coffee and look after the health.

  6. Hi Sayontan, take care you deserve a well earned break.

    My very best wishes.


  7. Firstly, please rest and take care of yourself!

    Then when you’re ready…

    I just upgraded to WordPress 2.9.2 and, greatly daring, also accepted the automatic update for suffusion 3.3.5.

    Ooops! The admin directory was empty and the site blew up.

    Fortunately, I managed to find where you’d left a pointer to your old and managed to install that.

    So… two things:

    1) A new release (when you’re better) of 3.3.5 with the admin directories, please?
    2) How about (just in case) keeping pointers around to the older releases?


    • Todd,
      As I have stated elsewhere, this is not a problem with Suffusion, but it is a problem with one of the WP servers. If the folder was actually missing from my submission, WP wouldn’t have approved the theme. It is a pity that I get hit with this problem more than anyone else, which might have something to do with the fact that I make theme releases more often than anybody else. I have reported this to WP, but they haven’t been able to isolate the circumstances that cause this.

      In any case, there are two approaches to resolving this. First is described in a post on the forum. This really highlights you can determine for yourself that this is not a theme problem. The second is a shortcut, found on a page I had to explicitly create for this purpose. You can follow the instructions there and get whichever version you want.


  8. Hope you get better soon – keep up the good work – we all appreciate your efforts in making it one, if not the best theme for WordPress – looking forward to future enhancements !

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