Suffusion Version 3.3.6

After a week long hiatus version 3.3.6 of Suffusion is out. The following are key aspects of this release:

  1. New Option Grouping
    I tried experimenting with some option grouping and put in a proof of concept in the Visual Effects –> Sidebars and Widget Areas section. Let me know if that makes things easier or tougher for you. I managed to add this functionality without really butchering the code, so that was good. If this feature is liked by folks I can consider extending it to other screens and add fancy stuff like expanding / collapsing of a whole group of options.
  2. New Widget Area Style – Sliding Panel
    I introduced a hopefully cool feature for the Top Bar Right Widgets – you can now make it a sliding panel!! I know that a lot of people like to have a login widget and some other content as a sliding panel, so hopefully this feature will benefit folks. You can set this through the Visual Effects –> Sidebars and Widget Areas section.
  3. Fixed a bug that was hiding the top navigation bar if the header was not “open”
  4. Fixed another bug in the Royal Blue theme where visited links upon hover were not getting the blue background.

As I indicated last week I am going to slow down with the release process. That might still mean around one release a week and higher if I go crazy. But for now, enjoy release 3.3.6.

8 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.3.6”

  1. Hiya Sayontan, I am sorry to bother you and I know this is not the place to sk for support. I have searched for the answer in your php scripts but my lack of coding knowledge means that I cannot see it. I have been asked to make the text size larger in posts, rather than the reader increasing it in their view. I have looked in the forum and it’s probably there somewhere but I cannot find it, is it covered somewhere do you know?

    I did try downloading a plugin but could not make that work.

    Many regards


  2. Hi Sayontan,
    You just make the suffusion theme better and better and I have to complain ;), because any other theme I look at now seems just too lacking in features and customization, after having used your theme.
    I must say you are spoiling us with your addition of wonderful features and giving away all this for free!!!!!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for your theme and your committed work in adding features with almost every release and your excellent support for the theme.
    Keep up the excellent work and do look after your health.

    Best Regards,

  3. I like the use of grouping in the widget section, much easier to find what u need for that particular widget area.

  4. how would you keep the sliding top nav open instead of when the page loads its closed by default?

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