Suffusion Version 3.4.0

Version 3.4.0 of Suffusion was released today with the following updates:

  1. Added the capability to “unlink” pages in the navigation bar. I had received a request quite often to allow disabling the clicking of certain pages in the navigation bar, particularly if they had sub-pages. I have added some code to enable this.
  2. Another oft-requested feature, though in a different form – I have now added some “control switches” for selecting pages, categories and links in the navigation bar. You can now say, “Display All” or “Display Selected”. Setting it to “Display All” will ensure that all your pages or categories or links will be displayed and you will not have to manually add a page to the navigation bar each time you create one. By default I have let the “Display Selected” option chosen, so that it doesn’t break any behavior for users.
  3. One major bug fix is for the fact that the author page was not showing the author description. Somehow I had managed to break this in the recent past, and I have now fixed it.
  4. Another somewhat big bug-fix is for IE6 and IE7 in the RTL layout, where the navigation drop-down menus were getting shunted to the right of the page. This has been addressed. Thanks, Owen Rose!
  5. There were some minor fixes too. The wording for the description of “Sidebar 2” was incorrect. I have fixed it. Also the titles in the tabbed sidebar and the navigation bar tabs were displaying a “” (backslash) in case there were special characters. I have addressed this.
  6. There is a new Italian translation, thanks to Francesco!

Sorry if I  have been off-color with support recently. I just have had too much work to do beyond Suffusion and the free support is proving to be quite a burden for me (and other volunteers too), with a lot of users seeming to think of it as their right rather than something to be used judiciously.

People are currently tagging every question they have as a support query without often doing a good search, and every issue they face as a bug. Some classic examples are the “Automatic Upgrade not being available”, which has of late been most frequently perceived wrongly as something I have changed, or of people putting in incorrect HTML code in their posts and saying that the theme is messing up their display. FYI, the automatic upgrade problem is a problem with one of WP’s servers and has nothing to do with Suffusion.

I have made an earnest appeal earlier to be more measured with the support requests, but it seems to have had very little impact. So I will monitor the requests in the coming few weeks and if things don’t change, then I will shut down the free forum and either introduce a charge for it or simply ignore most of the questions.

In the meanwhile, genuine thanks to volunteers who have helped out with queries (I know it is a thankless job) and to well-wishers who have made efforts to contribute back to the theme! I really appreciate your help.

18 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.4.0”

  1. Many MANY THANKS for ALL of your hard work! May I suggest to you from past experience (I’ve been doing IT for 35 years) to posibly put up a “Contribute HERE!” Paypal button so we users can help compensate you for your work?

  2. Seems your reply submissions aren’t working correctly. I just wrote a reply and it came back with a scrambled screen when I clicked submit. MANY MANY THANKS for ALL of your hard work! May I suggest that you put a “Contribute HERE!” Paypal button on your support blog so that us users may compensate you?


  3. Seems your reply submissions aren’t working correctly. I just wrote a reply and it came back with a scrambled screen when I clicked submit. MANY MANY THANKS for ALL of your hard work! May I suggest that you put a “Contribute HERE!” Paypal button on your support blog so that us users may compensate you?


    Third attempt now to leave a reply

    • Thanks, Vance. As you can see, all your attempts came through. There is a “contribute” button here, right on the side where you see a coffee icon.

  4. Nice release! Great work, keep on going 😉
    Where is the unlink option for pages?
    I like to unlink one of my parent pages so only the child pages are click-able,

    • I also can’t find the option to unlink pages, and have searched everywhere I can think of.

      And btw, thanks Sayontan for all your hard work and your patience with us your loyal users! Power-packed coding along with an extremely user-friendly interface is hard to come by. I hope your shoulder is healing well..

  5. I hear you, a few years ago I used to write Mods for phpBB (ver. 2 series) and was so overwhelmed by features requests and support questions that I gave up.

    Your idea of a premium support forum sounds like a great idea and I would be more than happy to sign-up, your time is worth money and to those who only want freebies, tough luck…


  6. Many thanks from me – a fantastic theme, well supported. Your efforts and results are much appreciated by many. I’ve just set up my 4th site (one with 3 additional sub-sites) all 7 using your theme, in different guises, so I’m very happy.

    Very grateful to see my minor bug got fixed in this version.

    You’re a star Sayontan.

  7. Hi Sayontan,
    Thanks once again for your updates and additional features. I think the “automatic upgrade not available” is not a problem at all, since , by clicking on the “Manage Themes” in the wordpress admin panel and clicking on the “Add new” button and searching for suffusion and clicking on “Install” does the same thing as upgrading. It saves all the time needed to download ,uncompress and upload to the server.
    Just a couple of clicks extra that is all it takes. You probably know all this. I am just writing this for the ones posting that issue as a problem.
    Keep up the good work and keep up your health too.

  8. You know we are fanatic of your work and we thank you very much about it. We decided to apply your theme even to our newspapers, and we’ll make another donation soon to thank you for your work.
    I think that premium support is a good idea, even because you’ve worked hard for free until now and you were always so kind and patient!
    Thank you again.

  9. Greetings Sayotan,

    Although there was some initial miscommunication on my support topic I want to let you know that I do appreciate the assistance you provide.

    I believe I’ve stated on Twitter and on Facebook that I think Suffusion is THE best theme I’ve ever come across. Please know that your efforts to improve on this fabulous theme are not in vane. Continued success!

    • Thanks, Michael. Don’t worry about the miscommunication. Such things often happen.

  10. Sayontan… let me publicly add my thanks and appreciation to you for the great theme, and the friendly and competent support… you are one in a million!
    Please don’t lose heart… I know how you feel.

  11. I would GLADLY pay for your support!! I have paid for support on WP themes in the past and not too many were that worth it. I’ve been nothing but impressed and amazed that you were doing all this support for free. Please charge for your help. You’re worth it and I’d be more than happy to reward you for your fantastic work.

    • Thanks!
      Since I don’t have a service-for-payment model as of now, feel free to use the “coffee” link on the right.


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