Suffusion Version 3.3.9

Version 3.3.9 of Suffusion was released today with a few specific bug-fixes:

  1. RTL CSS
    There was an error in the loading sequence of rtl.css, which was getting loaded after the custom styles. I have taken care of this.
  2. Other Fixes
    There was a problem with the maximum image size in the “No Sidebars” template. This has now been addressed. There was also a bug with the comment pagination, which was showing an incorrect comment page selected. I have addressed this as well.
  3. Feature Enhancements
    Based on some feedback I added some styling options for the widgets in the sliding panel that shows up for the Top Right Bar Widgets. I have also fixed a visual compatibility issue with the “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam” plugin. And lastly I did some option grouping in the “Featured Content” page of the theme options.


5 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.3.9”

  1. Do you plan on implementing an ‘upgrade’ option for this release?

    Currently it says that ‘upgrade’ is not an option from the WordPress Admin panel.

    Oh, and I love Suffusion, you are doing a great job with it.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Sayontan,

    I love your theme. Thanks for you great work.
    I am currently using 3.3.8. How can I upgrade it to 3.3.9?
    Is it work if I just download from WP and overwrite all the files?
    Again, Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi Sayontan,

    One more question, how can I add a jquery plugin to suffusion template?
    Please see the example here:

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