WordPress Theme Auto-Upgrade Issues?

One frequently asked question, that has been regularly misconstrued as a Suffusion bug, is this:

I get a notification saying "There is a new version of Suffusion available. View version x.y.z Details automatic upgrade unavailable for this theme." Why is this not available? Can you please fix this?

First off, this is not a bug with Suffusion, as I stated in a previous post. If you notice carefully, you will see that all your themes that have upgrades available show up with the same message. Anyway, the fix for this is rather simple. At first I used to recommend doing a manual upgrade of the theme. A manual upgrade would involve FTP’ing the new folder to the theme’s location. However, thanks to Satyadeep and Buck, there is a much simpler approach. Just do this:

  1. Log on to your WP administration panel
  2. Go to Appearance –> Add New Themes
  3. Search for “suffusion” (or whichever theme you want to upgrade)
  4. From the results that you get, pick the one you want and click “Install”
  5. If you read the text in the popup, you will see that it says “Install Update”. Click on that and you are done!

What this sequence does is it updates your theme without you having to do it manually. Mind you, this feature was not available prior to 2.9.0, so if you are on an older version of WP this will not work. In older versions WP would have complained that you already have a folder called “suffusion”, so you wouldn’t be able to update the theme using this channel.

Hope this answers a lot of your questions regarding automatic upgrades.

4 Responses to “WordPress Theme Auto-Upgrade Issues?”

  1. Yes this answer to my question regarding automatic upgrade 😉

    and thanks for the theme is great and simple at the same time.

  2. The actions above certainly upgrade the theme but I lost all the customisation for my site. I won’t be upgrading again. Next step will be to replace the folder with an older version of the theme.

    • What kind of customization did you do? Did you edit the theme files? If so, then ANY kind of upgrade will kill those – it is no fault of this upgrade process. Editing the theme files is a recipe for disaster if you do upgrades.

      It is a fact that I have stressed umpteen times at several places (on this site, on the support forum, on WP’s site) – if you have to make CSS updates use the Suffusion Theme Options → Blog Features → Custom Includes → Custom Styles. If you have edited CSS files, I must say it was an unnecessary exercise against recommendations and was completely avoidable by using the Custom CSS option.

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