100,000 Downloads for Suffusion!!

Today Suffusion crossed a very significant milestone – 100,000 lifetime downloads! Frankly when I had started out I had no clue that I would reach six figures. I have all my users to thank for this.

As is customary I drop in a line every now and then saying what I plan to do for the next few weeks. I will use this opportunity to do the same:

  1. A few more widgets and widget areas. This was something I promised a few weeks back. Broadly speaking, there are a few prime areas where I could let users put in widgets.
  2. Full BuddyPress support. This is something I will actively tackle once WP 3.0 is out.
  3. Full WPML integration. The major aspects of WPML work with the theme, but some aspects are missing, like integration with featured content etc. I will get these ironed out.
  4. Full theme skinning. I recently put in some options to take the sting out of configuring certain aspects of look-and-feel. I will be providing a few more that will help users pick their own images for everything, like widget headers, navigation bars etc.
  5. Typography support for custom fonts. This will help move away from boring “browser-safe” fonts and you will be able to use a wider array of pretty fonts.
  6. Code housekeeping. I read some posts on the web commenting on the general clutter of code in the theme. While I don’t agree with most aspects of the assessments, I will look at cutting out any cruft that I can see. In addition I am going to change the options framework to use WP’s Settings API, moving away from my homegrown approach.

That’s it for now! Thanks to all of you!

8 Responses to “100,000 Downloads for Suffusion!!”

  1. Congratulations with this milestone!!!

    For a good theme the sky is the limit, so how long for 500.000 or 1.000.000 downloads? 😉


    • Thanks, Wim! 500,000 / 1,000,000 is rather ambitious, given that the most popular theme so far (Atahualpa) has around 440,000 at this time.

  2. Congratulations! I’m not surprised this theme is so popular; it rocks!

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    Elsa Neal

  3. Cool stuff and Congrats!

    I’m pretty sure that by the end of the year you’ll hit 500K or even more.
    The way you are doing the developments, new features and support it is Astonishing.
    I’m wondering when you have time for your Regular Job?
    I’m proud to be one of the first 100 users who download the theme.



  4. Awesome!!! Congratulations.

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