Ah, the Vagaries of WordPress Approvals!

Six days after submitting version 3.5.2 of Suffusion for approval I contacted the folks who do the approvals. The news I received was somewhat discouraging. Since I tagged my theme with “buddypress” because it is now BuddyPress-enabled, it goes into a different review queue. The person who does the approvals there is apparently behind, so I don’t know when this version will be available. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, because there were a lot of things in 3.5.1/3.5.2 that were non-BP features.

6 Responses to “Ah, the Vagaries of WordPress Approvals!”

  1. awaiting on a wordpress upgrade for your theme…
    i’m using your theme, quite content with the vast features of it, plus i write in hebrew – so your RTL version of the theme was a life saver.
    was trying to find the date option in the search results page – then found the bug fix message you posted on 3.5.2

    any clues on when the upgrade will be available?

  2. aur kitna intazaar karna hay bhai jee?

  3. kitna wait karna pade ga bhai sinha ji?

  4. wishing good luck for u

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