An Update on Suffusion – Part 3

After slogging very hard the last 3 weeks I managed to get all the changes I was hoping to include in place for version 3.6.7 last night. Making use of the illusion of an extra hour from daylight savings I went ahead and tried to submit the theme to WordPress. But as I tried to […]

Suffusion Version 3.5.4

I submitted version 3.5.4 on Sunday, before flying out to the UK. I see that WordPress has still not approved it, so I await the release patiently. This was a big release in terms of the number of fixes and enhancements, so without much ado here is the list: Optimization I did some optimization on […]

WordPress Version 3.0 is Out

After months of waiting and after a series of Beta versions and Release Candidates WP 3.0 finally came out today. I encourage all of you to upgrade your installations. Why Should You Upgrade? Version 3.0 is a significant release that has a lot of terrific features. Here are some: Menus This is arguably the most […]

Suffusion Version 3.5.3 and BuddyPress Support

Since it has been exactly 2 weeks after my submission of version 3.5.2 and I have heard nothing useful from the folks at WP despite my queries, I have decided to take some drastic measures resulting in some bad news and some good news. The Bad News I have pulled BuddyPress support from the theme. […]

Ah, the Vagaries of WordPress Approvals!

Six days after submitting version 3.5.2 of Suffusion for approval I contacted the folks who do the approvals. The news I received was somewhat discouraging. Since I tagged my theme with “buddypress” because it is now BuddyPress-enabled, it goes into a different review queue. The person who does the approvals there is apparently behind, so […]

Suffusion Version 3.5.1

I submitted version 3.5.1 about a couple of hours back today, which is a pity because I believe I missed the bus for it being approved today, which is an even bigger pity since it will probably not be approved before Tuesday (1st June). Sad, because it has one HUGE feature. BuddyPress Compatibility After quite […]