Jul 112010

Earlier today Suffusion obtained its 100th rating on WordPress.org. This puts it it rather exclusive company – it is now the 5th theme to obtain this distinction. The four others to have reached this landmark before me are:

  1. Atahualpa – Really the inspiration behind Suffusion and in my opinion the gold-standard of theme customization, Atahualpa is way ahead on all statistical measures on WordPress: most downloads and most ratings. At the time of writing it has been rated a whopping 418 times on WordPress!!
  2. iNove – Another theme that has been around for quite a long time, iNove has been rated 193 times at the time of writing.
  3. Mystique – This is a really popular theme with WP users because of its catchy design. The only theme younger than Suffusion to have been rated more times than it, Mystique has 140 ratings at this point. Its current popularity will probably ensure that it will go over iNove in the near future.
  4. Thematic – It is no surprise that Thematic is the only free theme that has been in the top 15 popular themes since as long as I can remember, and that is very long! No other theme – Atahualpa, Mystique and iNove included has managed this distinction. Thematic is a very clean and well documented theme framework that most people swear by. If you are a theme developer, look at Thematic (and Hybrid) to see how to do it right. At present Thematic has been rated 111 times.

Though unlikely it is possible that I have missed a few here. So if you are aware of any other themes that should be here by all means let me know.

Thank you users, for using Suffusion and voting for it to let people know that you have liked it!

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