Suffusion Version 3.6.9

Before I begin about this release, I would first like to apologize to all people whose layouts broke due to the last release. As it turns out I had not tested certain configurations involving the static Tabbed Sidebar, which resulted in all people using this feature having their sites become train-wrecks. Disabling the Tabbed Sidebar would have fixed the issue for all affected people, but there was no way you as a user could have known that.

Anyway, this release is a bug-fix release and there are no new features. Here are the fixes:

  1. Layout bugs
    1. The biggest issue – wonky layouts upon activation of the Tabbed Sidebar – has been fixed. There is one exception – if you are using IE6 (yes, that fossil) and you have the Tabbed Sidebar on and your Tabbed Sidebar is on the left side and you have at least one sidebar on the left site, then your left sidebar will render incorrectly on IE6 (only on IE6). I spent some time trying to figure this out, but gave up because I had to get this release out early and this particular combination has an extremely low probability of occurring. Otherwise I have hopefully resolved all issues on all browsers regarding this mishap.
    2. The Widget Area Below Header was not spanning the full width of the wrapper and was showing a blank space on the side.
    3. The Widget Area Above Footer was overlapping the right sidebar if the sidebar was longer than the content.
    4. The No Sidebars template was showing up with empty space on the side.
    5. In the “Tiles” layout excerpt images were becoming very tiny because the widths were computing incorrectly.
  2. If you had defined more than one WP 3.0 Menu, each menu item was getting repeated multiple times in the navigation bar. This has been fixed too.
  3. There was a bug that was preventing the post footer from appearing in the archive view (front page, category, date archive, tag etc). So if you had Tags or “Posted By” at the bottom of a post, that wasn’t being displayed. This now works.
  4. There was a very old bug where the excerpt title in the “Tiles” layout where the header of excerpts wasn’t reading the alignment setting correctly. Instead it was borrowing the alignment of Magazine excerpts.

One point I would like to highlight – often when you upgrade your theme it apparently breaks your layout, while in truth there is nothing wrong with it. In such cases try out a few very simple things. First and foremost, clean out your browser’s cache and reload your page. Second, if you have a caching plugin make sure that you rebuild its cache, otherwise it will serve content that is not current.

I also thought I should highlight what some known issues are. There are 2, actually, both of which are JavaScript-related:

  1. At some point in the last 3 releases the Google Translator widget stopped working. I have no idea why, since I haven’t changed anything there. If you were looking for this feature to work I encourage you to look for some free plugin to help you there.
  2. At some point in the last few months the Fade / delay effect on the navigation menu stopped working. Again, I have no idea why. Since this is a very low impact issue I didn’t spend an excruciating amount of time trying to resolve this.

Another aspect I wanted to highlight was regarding my comment in my previous post, about “Rolled up menus”. A few users had difficulty understanding the concept, so I thought I will explain it here. To create a new dummy node:

  1. Go to Appearance → Menus and open up your menu.
  2. Create a new menu item using a Custom Link.
    1. For the URL specify #. Make sure you delete the “http://” that sits there by default
    2. For the Label put in whatever you want to name your root node.
    3. Add to Menu
  3. Once added, move this item to the top of the list.
  4. Now, indent every other item under this top item. This way each other node is a child of your newly created root. Remember to indent – this is important.
  5. That’s it. Since you have set the URL to be “#” Suffusion knows that it shouldn’t open any page for it. All other items are listed as children of this new node.

That’s it for this release. I am hoping this will smooth over the rough edges of 3.6.8. I will keep subsequent releases smaller in scope, though, quite frankly I don’t foresee anything being so large in scope.

Over the next few weeks I will focus on building a proper plugin for Suffusion and BP compatibility, assuming that the support queue for 3.6.9 isn’t huge.

32 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.6.9”

  1. Hey ~ I see that there is a new update. The last update I did (3.6.8) totally changed my site, it deleted almost everything and I it took me a long long time to get everything back up and it still isn’t complete but I am guessing that is because of the changes in the update. The only issue that i am having is that my footer/widget relocated to my sidebars and in turn I just moved my widgets to my sidebar and now my footer does not exist. I would like to correct that and or install the update, but will I lose everything again? Thanks!

    • Shelby,

      it deleted almost everything

      Suffusion upgrades never delete anything apart from changes you have made to files. That is why I always advise against doing file/folder edits within the theme, and sticking to the options pages or using a child theme is something that I recommend.

      So if you haven’t made any file changes nothing should be affected. Mind you, in case of your site’s layout there is a known issue in 3.6.9, which can be fixed as described here:

  2. Thank you for getting 3.6.9 out so fast – sidebar issue fixed! Fantastic theme 🙂

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  4. I have been using Suffusion for about a year now in various configurations on a number of blogs. You never cease to impress me and I am especially happy that a bug fix was released so quickly.

    One of my favorite features is the ability to save settings to migrate to another blog. This is a huge time saver.

  5. A single tab CSS in both main navigation and top navigation appears to be slightly off. Other than that, fantastic theme.

    • Yes, the possibility to have single tabbed menus has disappeared in Blog Features/WP 3.0 Navigation Menus !
      Please could you give us them back ?!
      Otherwise, congratulations for this great theme…

  6. My sidebars have been pushed out beyond the margins of the header. I checked my page width settings and they are the same as before. Any idea why this is happening?

  7. Never mind, I found the fix in the forum.

  8. Thanks for Latest update,…!!!
    Love the Theme, use it on about 8 sites, an absolute pleasure to use, and it keeps getting better.

  9. genial, en la actualizacion que hice de la version 3.6.6 a la 3.6.8 note algunos problemas en el manejo de menus de wordpress, espero y esta se solucionen los problemas, gracias por trabajar duro, mil gracias., saludos

  10. My ads won’t show… I just recopied my ads codes help?

  11. and my menu is at the center..

  12. Thanks for this quick update. Repeating menu disappeared. But I still have problems.

    The menu bar is not what I want to show. It shows some of the submenus on the menu bar. And I dont what the rule it picks the submenus.

  13. WOW!You release the 3.6.9 so quickly .

    Thanks for this quick update .Using the method you told me, I’ve translate the control panel of 3.6.8 to Chinese .Thank you for your help!

    Can you make the control panel translatable in the sequent version. Or I should modify the PHP file again to make it translatable again when you release a newer version. It’s a big work ,you know.

    Do you need the files which I’ve modified? I can sent it to you ,and you can give it to anyone who want to translate the control panel to their own language.

    • This is a really difficult question to answer! Can you send me what you have? I will take a look and try to figure out how to handle this.

      • You work very hard .The 3.7.1 is released soon after the3.6.9. And I make the control panel of 3.7.1 translationable a week later. Now, how can I sent what I have to you ? can I know your e-mail.

  14. What a pretty and powerful theme! Thanks for your hard work.

  15. I have only recently taken over from my partner who put my first site together and on steep lerning curve he had selected suffusion and love the design and layout but since I have had to take over , well Wow, all this for free thank you !!!!!!

    I am currently using version 3.4.6 and was about to upgrade until I read this. Am I understand it right if i upgrade to the current version my google translate plugin won’t work. I am about to launch the second phase of my project with a new site which is much more complex and translate option is essential. So before i use the latest version can I just confirm this is definately the case

    Thanks again Denise

  16. thanks for this beautiful theme. just what I was looking for! I’ll have to test it out soon!

  17. Sayontan! U are such a wonderful addition to this open source community!

  18. Thanks for your great theme Sayontan!!

  19. I see in your post that somewhere around v3.69 the navigation menu delay setting that was added in 3.16 stopped working. I received some complaints from users about it so I checked the changelogs for later version and I don’t see that it’s been addressed yet. Are there plans to fix it? Thank you.

    • I believe it has been fixed about a 8-10 months back (You can see it working on this site). The 3.69 version is almost 2 years old.

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