Suffusion Version 3.6.9

Before I begin about this release, I would first like to apologize to all people whose layouts broke due to the last release. As it turns out I had not tested certain configurations involving the static Tabbed Sidebar, which resulted in all people using this feature having their sites become train-wrecks. Disabling the Tabbed Sidebar […]

Suffusion Version 3.5.4

I submitted version 3.5.4 on Sunday, before flying out to the UK. I see that WordPress has still not approved it, so I await the release patiently. This was a big release in terms of the number of fixes and enhancements, so without much ado here is the list: Optimization I did some optimization on […]

Suffusion Version 3.5.0

I submitted version 3.5.0 of Suffusion a few minutes back for approval. With this release, as promised, I have taken a major step towards supporting WP version 3.0. Here are the key features of this release: Support for WP 3.0 Menus: Initially this was a desperate measure. Some folks testing with WP 3.0 Beta 1 […]