Dec 162010

For once this is an important security patch, hence I made this release by disrupting my regular theme development. Here are the changes:

  1. Added some security checks to ensure that the site optimization activities would take only CSS files for compression/zipping.
  2. Fixed a bug with the byline pullout in IE7, where the pullout was lying over the content.
  3. Fixed a bug with the SEO settings where if the theme’s SEO was disabled, it was not printing any title.
  4. Changed a Twitter icon file name to have only lower case characters, so that it works with all operating systems

I encourage you to download this patch. For now the translations are in the theme. I will remove them from the next version.

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  1. I updated a second ago.

    The update run very well 🙂

  2. Thank you for that security update 😉

  4. Con la nueva versión 3.7.2 tengo un problema: en internet explorer no se visualiza la galeria de imagenes
    Utilizo el plugin: Picasa Image Express y Lightbox 2
    En Chrome y Firefox se ve correctamente

  5. Solucionado. Añadi el codigo siguiente en el header

  6. Hi!

    I have problem with the number of post that should be shown on the home page, since I uppdated it only shows the latest post an no more.

    I have tried to change settings but it doesn´t work. Do you have some idea what is wrong?


    • Seems like your permalinks have gone wrong. Or there is something that is redirecting your home page to your latest post. If you observe carefully, you are getting a single post view on your front page (i.e. you are able to see comments etc.)

  7. Hi!
      I was informed that 3.7.3 is released by the wordpress control panel. But I don’t find anything in your blog? How about the 3.7.3?

  8. Hi. Thanks Sayontan for your good job! I wonder if you could add a little more support in your next update for the theme, in SEO package! I don’t see any reference to canonical linking, and I really believe it should be present!
    Can you show me a way how to make post canonical in actual theme (final) pls?
    This is the site about we talking…


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