Photonic Version 1.08

A Happy New Year to all users of Suffusion and Photonic!

This is a quick release for Photonic, to address the following:

  1. Google changed the Picasaweb API to return a maximum image size of 512px. I have made changes in the code to override that.
  2. I have updated the code to use the latest WP 3.3 functionality. This should be transparent from your point of view – only the workings behind the scene have changed.
  3. IE users of the Fancybox script within Photonic would be presented with “Not found” messages in their log. I have rectified this.

There were a few changes requested for SmugMug, like supporting protected albums, buying etc. I haven’t been able to add that, but I will do so pretty soon.

6 Responses to “Photonic Version 1.08”

  1. Very support that, I’m used to Picasa, so it’s a great plugin for me

  2. Hello, same to you!
    I encounter a little problem over here. After upgrading wordpress and upgrading the photonic plugin to version 1.08 there are no thumbnails visible anymore on the webpages.
    I use the flicker photo viewer by the way.
    When you click on the photoset thumbnail(which is only there) you are immediately sent to the flicker website what I don’t want;)
    The problem occurs for example on this page of my site:

    Do you know what went wrong or what I should change?
    Regards, Leonard

    • Interesting. Some people seem to have this issue, but I have not been able to diagnose it. Can you tell me what short-code is being generated for you? I can try replicating it at my end.

    • Also, can you try your short-code without the user_id? Maybe that will work.

      • Hello,
        Thanks for the reply!
        I already use the shortcodes without a user ID.
        Here the shortcode:
        [gallery type='flickr' view='photosets' photoset_id='72157628825780713' columns='5'
        tag_mode='any' sort='date-posted-desc' per_page='20']
        Regards, Leonard

        • Leonard,
          I would like to resolve this problem, but for that I need access to your back-end. Is this something you can provide? Once it is resolved you can revoke access.

          The reason I require access is because I tried the same code on my sites but it worked fine for me.

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