Suffusion Version 3.9.5

The patch I had submitted earlier in the week for 3.9.4 got approved today, hence version 3.9.5 is available. This release had the following changes:

  1. If you tried to save your settings having selected rotating images for your header, you would receive a “Fatal error”. You should be good to go now for this.
  2. In the Static Tabbed Sidebar, if you used a custom tab name, that name wouldn’t show. I have taken care of this as well.
  3. Another issue I fixed was one with tall site footers getting cropped.
  4. There is a cosmetic change in the back-end, where nested pages were not showing up in a nested manner.

Please note that I am busy with release 4.0.0 (the first release in a long time when I will be jumping versions). This release should be ready for the new year. If there are other minor issues discovered in the interim I will release patches leading to their resolution.

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  1. Thanks Sayontan for all of this work you’re doing… (usually I post only when there are bugs on my blogs, so this time I just want to show gratitude, no bugs for me!)

  2. Thanks.

  3. Suffusion is amazing. Only thing I still can’t find is a way to set “no index, no follow” on pages. Is that available or forthcoming?

  4. I am having the same problem as Honigkuchenwolf, who posted in the comments for the 3.9.4 release. My headlines images (magazine template) are missing since updating to 3.9.4. Still missing in 3.9.5. I re-saved magazine template settings, but that didn’t help. Any ideas? Thanks.

  5. Hello Sayontan!
    Thank you very much!

    Working here, without bugs…

    But I have a question: how to change the sidebar background color? (without CSS-work)

    One more thing: already translated your theme… =]
    Up to 3.9.5…
    If you want, send me the 4.0 PO files and I translate to you…


    Miguel Koscianski Vidal

  6. hi dear, you are doing a great work and deserve the credit. But, still can you tell me how to remove Suffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha from footer. This time its not in action.php. Thanks.

    • Maybe in this file site-footer.php under directory suffusion/custom/. I find Suffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha at line 30.
      I love this theme and therefore I love its author and I prefer to show his name at the footer of my blog.

  7. Hi,

    there is a bug from the 3.9.4 version and still work in this version.
    Thumbnails seems to does not work properly if the page is not a “default” page.
    Look at this page ( all the thumbnails are automatically picked from the first picture of each page whose is set as a “Single Left” page.
    But, if the page is set as “Default” page, the thumbnail chosen is correctly picked and is not the firt picture of the page.

    Thanks you for helping.
    I tried to register for your forum but it does not work !

  8. Thank you very much for you continued efforts, Sayontan. Enjoy your holidays, **if you take any :)** and I give my good karma to you for the coming year. Bless.

  9. Hi Sayontan,

    Thanks for your WP plugin relases, all the best for the new version to come, and most of all, merry Christmas / happy holidays !

  10. Hi there,

    I just wanted to thank you for a brilliant theme. I installed it recently on my blog, and I am extremely happy with it. It is easy to work with, very customizable and has a fundamentally good look. There is only one thing, that I miss: the option to display only one sidebar (as opposed to a default of two on the home page), when you are viewing a single post and not using a predefined template but instead your own customized setup. You can choose the number of sidebars for search results, tag-views etc., so it would be extremely nice to be able to do it for single posts as well. Or maybe I have just overlooked this option?

    Anyway. Brilliant theme. Love it!

  11. First of all, thank you for this great theme.
    I’m testing my new site using wordpress and I’ve come across Suffusion which does almost everything I need.

    During the customization process, I noticed that the Photonique skin does not react accordingly to most customization options. Example, the post background; where the uploaded image will appear on dark skin but not Photonique.

    Could you tell me how to get the background image to appear for post background?

    Thank you.

  12. This theme does so much yet it’s pretty easy to use, so I’m happy, BUT…………..

    PLEASE can you tell me how to remove the LINK ONLY from the post titles?

    I don’t want to hide the titles. I just don’t want the title linking to its own page.

    I’ve seen this question several different times with well-meaning responders giving vague answers. I apologize if I have missed it somewhere.

    I’ll buy your coffee every day next week for an answer.

  13. I love this theme – thank you!

    Only thing that would make it better would be to add the ability to post images for page links – please, please, please?? 🙂 <3

    • Sorry, but I couldn’t understand your question. Images for page links?

      • Sorry, I was posting in a hurry.

        On my blog, I have links to different pages below the header (home, about, contact, etc). I would love to use some .gif files as the links (as seen on my friends blog here: So I would have a home.gif, about.gif, etc that I would link to pages. It would allow blogs using your theme to have a little more personality. 😉

        I found a hack for this, but it looks like it takes a lot of effort to make it work.

        • Rather than use individual images for each item in your menu, why not change your font? That will make things dynamic, so the next time you add/change a menu item you don’t have to create a new image. Suffusion does provide support for quite a few fonts from Google Fonts.

  14. If you people want to show your love then send a $10 donation his way.
    Praise is fine but money gets things done.
    He most certainly deserves $10 from each of us who use and enjoy this most awesome wordpress template.

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