Suffusion Version 3.9.6 and an Update on Version 4.0.0

Version 3.9.6 of Suffusion got approved earlier today. I had submitted it early last week, however due to the holidays there was a delay in approvals. It fixes one key issue – users who were using custom fields for things like thumbnails or featured images were facing issues with the image not being picked. This should now be working.

An update on version 4.0.0 – I have finished most of the work on Mega Menus: just some stylesheet changes are pending. I have also finished making a lot of other changes. One key thing to note: the page templates “Single Left Sidebar”, “Single Right Sidebar” etc. are being deprecated in the next version in favour of layouts. This doesn’t impact you in any way, however it provides a new dimension of flexibility. E.g. Currently if you have a page where you want to use a custom template, you cannot assign your custom template plus a different sidebar configuration because a page can only get one template. With the change I am providing, you can assign the custom template and a page layout with a different sidebar configuration. There are lots of other nice changes coming by in 4.0.0.

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  1. First I wanted to thank you as your theme is really great! the main improvement now will be in the full compatibility with the cellular phone, for example a finger-click image on mosaic do not work.
    take care,

    • to be perfectly clear it works with Firefox Beta for android but not on Google browser. I’m using the latest android system ICS 4.0.3.

      So how to convert the mosaic behavior to get access to the post when I click any part of the area of the thumbnail?

      • For your Mosaic Settings, set “Allow thumbnail zooming” to “Disallow”, and “Show post title below thumbnail” to “Show”. That will let you click on the image in a touchscreen.

  2. Hi Sayontan! Is Suffusion a responsive Theme? If not, can you recommend a specific plugin to make it tab- and mobile-ready?

    • While not a responsive site in the true sense, most things work pretty well for different media types.

  3. Thanks you so much, thumbnails work now !

    your help was so useful.

    You really did a great job, developping and supporting your theme.

  4. Great thanks for your theme! It is propably the only theme that is so much flexible. It alows to make any changes the designer want to make. But I miss a lot one function of the previous versions – the possibility to put the header out of the wrapper and to change and align its width for the width of the page or the width of the wrapper. It is really, really very important thing for making different designs. Is it possible to add this function or can you just tell me the number of previous version that has this. Is it possible to reinstall the version with this functionality? Thanks a lot in advance and thanks for your work!

  5. Suffusion theme is very good! But recently found two small problem:
    1. The comment box part, “URI” wrong, should be “URL”.
    2. And “Simple Tags” plugin compatibility problems: look at the URL:, the ten images need to rely on “… ” open, otherwise, “Related posts” will run to it, and “” this page.

    • 1. The comment box part, “URI” wrong, should be “URL”.

      You are wrong. URI = Uniform Resource Identifer. Apart from being a very standard term, URI is the term WP itself uses.

      2. And “Simple Tags” plugin compatibility problems: look at the URL:, the ten images need to rely on “… ” open, otherwise, “Related posts” will run to it, and “” this page.

      That is an incompatibility between the two plugins you are using – Simple Tags and Related Posts. Suffusion has no control over the display of either.

  6. Please can you say something about responsiveness?

  7. I can’t wait. One question, how is the rotating header going to be effected? I have not been able to make it work, I am not too knowledgable the background html/css etc. I am doing tutorials to get better though. My problem is when i choose rotating images in the header options of the skinning, I can’t figure where to tell it to get the images from; what is “/nfs/c09/h04/mnt/139969/domains/”? I downloaded the Easing Slider plug-in, and still can’t make it work. Any suggestions?

    Here is our site:

    • Suffusion’s rotating header has a “static” rotation, meaning that your image will get change only if you are refreshing the page. For the kind of effect you want you will have to use a widget area. You can post this question on the support forum (which is free and facilitates better support discussions) and we can address it there.

      • Thank you, I will do that. Which forum BTW — Aquoid Forum or WordPress Support Forum?

        • Aquoid. If you post on the WP forum people tend to direct you here; I don’t frequent the WP forums very much.

  8. By the way, neighbor, I live just south of Seattle, well Puyallup Wa,… Well Graham WA, just south of Puyallup WA.

  9. “Suffusion Options”
    Whether there can be this section in Russian?

  10. After upgrading to WP 3.3.1 Suffusion is not responding to any change or save, only the layout.

    • There isn’t any such bug in the theme. There may be a plugin you have that is conflicting with WP 3.3.1 and interfering with Suffusion in the process.

  11. Howto translate “Continue reading” in 3.9.6. I Change string in content.php but this isnt possible in multilang site.

    • There was some weird problem with the “Continue Reading” string, which wasn’t showing up in the suffusion.po file. I have fixed this for 4.0.0.

  12. I really love the suffusion them…so much flexibility. I just upgraded to 3.9.6 and can no longer access my site. Instead I get this message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_ancestors() in /home/mcgoo/public_html/INTERNETREADYHDTV.ORG/wp-content/themes/suffusion/functions.php on line 374

    Can you tell me how to take care of this?


    • You are on a very old version of WP. Suffusion requires at least WP 3.1 (released about a year back) – you are probably on 3.0 or older. Once you upgrade WP you should be fine.

  13. hi, Sayontan ,
    thanks for your works,
    I tried the 3.9.6 version ,but seems that the “Show thumbnails for full content” option still not work even if I turned this option on and set a image url in the custion thumbnails filed, the thumbnails only displayed in excerpts, and can’t be displayed in full content.
    And now I’m tring 4.0b1, hope this worked


    • Louis,
      If you look at this very post, you will see that “Show thumbnails for full content” is working perfectly. All my posts from the last few months have thumbnails attached to them and they work fine.

      What you are missing is that for an image to be shown in the full content, it has to be assigned through WP, not Suffusion. On the right side of your page you will see “Featured Image”. That is where your image needs to go. When first released, WP called “Featured Image” “Post Thumbnail”. If you read the text of the option setting you will note that I use the original terminology.

  14. Hello: I read the earlier post about the “URI” label in the comment box. However, we would like to change that to read URL on our blog sites. Can you tell me which page I need to go to to access where that is written to the page so I can change it for our purposes. Thank you!

    • You can change it from Suffusion Options → Back-End → Comment Settings → Comment form labels.

  15. Thank you Sayontan!

  16. Hi sayantan,

    Suffusion is a great theme. But i am facing some problem regarding the sidebar. I have set two sidebar (one for right and one for left) but the two sidebar is showing on the right hand side. Please give any solution of this problem. My site url is


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