Upcoming Changes in Suffusion Version 4.0.0

As I wrap up the development of version 4.0.0, there is one very important note for people using the Magazine template.

Current users of the theme see an option, Templates → Magazine to change → Sidebar layout to adopt, where you can pick a particular layout. If that is set to “Default” for you, you have nothing to worry about. But if you are using a specific layout, this will temporarily stop working. The fix though, is very quick. You have to open the Magazine page for editing, and go down to “Additional Options for Suffusion”. There you can pick the appropriate page template and save the post. Things will work as usual after that.

I will be doing a beta release for 4.0.0 in a couple of weeks. Hopefully this beta will be fine, unlike the fiasco of 3.7.5!

7 Responses to “Upcoming Changes in Suffusion Version 4.0.0”

  1. Thanks for the tip Sayontan. I look forward to trying out v4 of what remains among the best WP Themes.

  2. I am looking forward to V4.

    Is it possible that you use a date on your website in the ‘Posted by’ section or somewhere else. I wanted to check the date of the Suffusion releases as I seem to have missed a few updates. I went to ‘Theme Releases’. Is this the correct place to check for the change logs?)

    Mine is V3.9.2. Not sure why the next updates did not show in WP but I just got the V3.9.6 notice and decided to check the changes when I saw the other releases.

  3. Thanks.

    Should I wait for V4 and install it rather than V3.9.6?

    I will be updating WP to V3.3.1 this week.

    When could V4 be available?

  4. Hi,

    I noticed that your site could use:

    body {
        background-size: cover;

    Just an idea.

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