Suffu-scion: A Starter Child Theme for Suffusion

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As I write this, Suffusion 4.0.0 has been approved, but hasn’t yet gone live. In the meanwhile I decided to have some fun around this site. I put together a page that talks about the witty side of Suffusion, wherein I introduced a term “Suffu-scion”, for a child theme of Suffusion. I decided to go ahead and create a Suffu-scion and make it available for use.

I have embedded instructions in it and have created a dummy folder structure for your use. Feel free to use this as a starting point for your Suffusion customizations requiring the use of a child theme.

Also, if you have some more lingo to add to the witty side, do let me know.

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  2. Thanks for this! I’m getting rolling with using Child Themes, and this will help me apply it to my own site (in the link – sooooo not anything to look at yet!)

    I want to accomplish one thing badly – break out of the block-mode look. I’ll figure something out…

    I’ve begun to develop some foundational ideas for using the new “dynamic menu highlighting” classes that the new WP gives us to play with, and have accumulated a bunch of those together, making for a great use of a child theme’s style.css file. I have to get a handle on the PHP functions to play with the functions.php file – definitely the ONLY way to safely play with those items!

    Thanks for all your great work!


  3. Thanks for putting together the child theme. I have spent a lot of (enjoyable) time banging together my own theme for my personal site, but Suffusion has made getting a second site up and running (and looking good) a lot fast. Now i need to be able to bent it to my own will in places. Hence child theme. Thanks again.

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  5. I love this theme’s extensive customization, it is a dream to work with!

    I am just wondering will this child theme and download work with the current update to 4.2.7?

    I just lost my previous site to some unfortunate issues and want to avoid anything messy this time around so knowing ahead of time could save me some trouble!

    – Thanks

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  7. Not clear here how to actually create the child theme. I’m a newbie at it. Suffusion looks great, just downloaded suff-scion, but don’t see the instructions in the zip you mention above.


    • If you open the files in the zip, you will see the instructions in them in the form of comments. E.g. In style.css you are told when you have to do an @import and when you don’t, and in functions.php you are told how to define your hooks.

  8. Question, when are you making the theme full HTML 5 so its fully responsive for all devices ?

    • ??
      HTML5 and “responsive” are not related in any way. Suffusion has been HTML5-based since the start of 2012. I am not a supporter of the so-called responsive movement, so I have been putting of doing responsive stuff for the theme.

  9. Yikes, I just downloaded Suffusion in part because I thought it had responsive options. I like flex-text and resizable players/sliders. (I often have too much open on the screen at once and have to resize some windows to see it all.) I presume this can be handled by percentages…can you give me some direction since I am new to WordPress and to Suffusion? — by the way, your theme is incredible. Thank you for your sincere dedication and hard work.

    • Sorry, you are on your own. I haven’t given any material thought on “responsive” settings, so I have nothing concrete to offer.

  10. Hi. I installed Suffu-scion and everything was fine since I’ve updated Suffusion to 4.4.3.
    No I can’t see my blog. I’ve gone back to may previous theme.
    Do you know where can be the problem?

    (my blog has adult content, I say that if you visit it)

  11. SUFFU — American slang greeting, roughly equivalent to “Wassup with you?”

  12. Hi Sayontan,

    still having no idea about what a child theme is in the first place (only knowing that I need to use buddypress), I’m wondering: Where do I have to place the contents of the suffu-scion zip-files?

    Thanks in advance,

  13. First Sayontan – thank you! (many times over!) I’ve been having fun trying to sort my site, and I must say this would have only been a dream a few months ago. Suffusion is amazing!

    Now, in terms of the child theme, I really and truly have no clue. The more I read about it, the more confused I get. Some people (? code savvy) say it is very easy – but for someone who does not know about coding, etc – simple is not a good description. I learnt about child themes a bit late in the game, is there a way to create a child theme, even though I made some changes. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance,


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  16. First of all, I want to thank Sayontan for the great WordPress Theme.. Since I started using WordPress, Suffusion is the best theme I had used so far.

    Anyway, I got this problem with the suffu-scion child theme. I just transferred my new site live in the WWW from instant wordpress. I used the suffu-scion child theme in it. When I updated the core WordPress installation to 3.9.1 all my design modifications in Suffusion Options were lost. Is there any way for me to retain my design even if I wish to update my themes, wordpress installation and plugins so that I wouldn’t have to redo it all over again….

    Please help.

  17. I’ve installed and activated this child theme and re-created the necessary files. Everything seemed fine until I noticed that both Semisecure Login Reimagined and the Private Site feature of Theme My Login no longer work, at all. Can anyone advise how to solve this?

    I’m aware that Semisecure Login Reimagined has been pretty much abandoned by its author but it’s still the only functional password encryption plugin for WordPress (I’ve tried all I can find).

    Thanks in advance,


  18. Just noticed that the most recent response, besides my own, was last year. Does anyone even read this anymore??

    I’ve tried switching back to the original Suffusion theme and both issues were resolved, HOWEVER, since I’m using Buddypress with the Buddypress Pack (as recommended by yourselves – the theme authors) apparently I NEED to use a child theme… All advice welcome.

    Website in question is:



  19. I’ve temporarily fixed this myself by including the following line inside the SLR plugin itself but its far from a permanent solution.

    <div >

    Once again, all advice is welcome…



  20. can’t download “Suffu-scion”?