Suffusion Version 4.0.0 – Beta Release 3

Thanks to some thorough testing from some of the Beta testers, a few other bugs were caught in Beta. I have fixed those and am uploading Beta Release 3. Do give it a try and let me know of any issues that you face. The key fixes in this release are:

  1. Sometimes a “Page of Posts” template was not showing skewed sidebars. This should be working now.
  2. In some cases the Magazine layout with 3 excerpts per row was pushing one excerpt to the row below.
  3. There was an issue with uploading images via Suffusion’s back-end, where after uploading only a “0” was showing up in the field.
  4. Some incompatibilities with NextGen have been addressed.
  5. The Widget Area Below Header and Widget Area Above Footer were disappearing if a “flattened” display style had been selected for them.

I am hoping this is the last beta. Of course, that is subject to your input.

4 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.0.0 – Beta Release 3”

  1. Hello and good evening, and thanks for the new release,….
    All layout issues now resolved,..

    One little problem, maybe, still, with body-background in suffusion back-end,..
    slight differences in layout depending on browser used,…
    (only have Firefox & Chrome on this box)
    see the post for details and let me know if you need anything more,…

  2. Sayontan,

    I spoke too soon,… !!!
    When setting the page width to 800, on magazine template, 1L side-bar, get layout problem at the very end of page,… 2 blocks instead of three causing miss-alighnment,…
    1R at wider setting ok,..

  3. Sayontan,

    One more anomoly on the magazine template,… this time using 1200 width, but only 2 columns in the excepts,… cause mis-alignment,…
    screen print

  4. Sayontan,

    one last one for the evening,….
    Mega Menus,….see post for details,… not sure if bug or me just streching the limits,…

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