Suffusion Custom Post Types Version 1.00

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have separated the Custom Post Types functionality from Suffusion and released a separate plugin for it. There are many reasons for the split, the primary being:

  1. Strictly speaking, this was functionality for a plugin.
  2. By splitting this code, I am letting users keep their custom post types and custom taxonomies while moving to other themes.

The plugin can be downloaded from WordPress, and you can see details on the plugin page.

What if you are running a Suffusion version older than 4.0.0?

You don’t need the plugin to manage your post types. You just need it if you are going to move to another theme.

What if you are running a Suffusion version 4.0.0 and beyond?

If you have already defined Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies using Suffusion in a prior version, you will continue to see your content for them on your site. You will also be able to add new objects for pre-defined post types. The only thing you will need this plugin for is to allow the creation of new post types and taxonomies.

E.g. If you have set up your site with a new Custom Post Type called “Book”, you will be able to add new books without this plugin. But if you wanted to create a new Custom Post Type called “Movie” you will need this plugin (or any other plugin, for that matter).

Regardless, this plugin will help you if you are moving from Suffusion to another theme. This is the first of several “transition plugins”, which will help move to and from Suffusion. Others will be released in the near future.

2 Responses to “Suffusion Custom Post Types Version 1.00”

  1. @sayontan

    Releasing this plugin doesn’t mean you are going to stop updating suffusion aren’t you? 🙁

    • Well, I did update Suffusion a couple of days after releasing this plugin.

      This plugin is intended to release users from “lock-in”, so that if at any point of time they are dissatisfied with me or Suffusion, they can port their content easily to another theme without struggling too much.

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