FontMeister Version 1.01 and a Suffusion Update

I patched a minor problem affecting some users of FontMeister. Affected folks were unable to add new fonts to their stack – this update should take care of the problem.

A small Suffusion update – I am working on a new skin. It is going to look very different from what you have seen from me, and will no doubt showcase the tremendous power of the theme and its markup. At present I am stuck with the look and feel for the featured content and the menus, but apart from that, the skinning activity is more or less done. One thing that I haven’t been able to decide on yet is whether to release this skin as a part of Suffusion or as a child theme – very soon the WP repository will start supporting child themes.

I haven’t devoted any time to the “responsive” aspects of the theme – I have been too busy with my family, my work and other things. I will probably get started on this after my vacation in June / July. Before that I hopefully will be able to release a version leveraging some of the capabilities of the upcoming 3.4 version of WP.

4 Responses to “FontMeister Version 1.01 and a Suffusion Update”

  1. Thanks 🙂 Looking forward to the skin changes, whether or not you decide to go the child theme route. Would be cool if we can get a sneak peek screen shot.

  2. Either way is fine for me. If you are going to release it before the WP repository is updated it may be better to include it in the theme rather than as a Child Theme.

  3. i can never thank you enough! I love Suffusion and am excited to see the changes…

  4. I would prefer including it into the theme. So I have all in one package.

    However the extra child theme is maybe fine for self studing to build an own child theme for suffusion, but that is future for me – at the moment I don’t know much about it.

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