FontMeister Version 1.02

I have released version 1.02 of FontMeister with a minor feature addition: TinyMCE support. Fonts that you add through FontMeister will now be visible in the drop-down list of fonts that you see in your visual editor in WP for editing posts and pages.

Note that for Typekit fonts you will not be able to see the font taking effect in the back-end. This is due to how Typekit and the WP Editor respectively operate, and is not a bug with the plugin.

3 Responses to “FontMeister Version 1.02”

  1. wow, really? That”s most excellent! May I say, You Rock!

  2. You are awesome! Thanks for a huge improvement.

  3. Yes very nice. I spend freaking 2 hours failing to filter in Google fonts to Suffusions font boxes before I noticed “additonal bonus” of Fontmeister! Works fine and make better use of Suffusion as well. I have seen many people struggle with manual loading of fonts, and devs. giving up on presenting the looong list in admin, so there is some meat on features.

    However, my Google API key did not work to begin with. I had one and applied it, nothing happened. Ok so I made a new one. Same. Click, click. Check of API settings. No progress. Then I added the old one again and then suddenly it worked. So I am guessing there are, or can be, some minutes of buffering/waiting to be expected. Keep trying…

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