Suffusion Version 4.2.4

The one last version I managed to squeeze in before I embarked on my vacation was 4.2.4. Don’t worry, this post has been written prior to my vacation – it is only being posted while I am holidaying.

This is another small release (which is what I like doing, really, as opposed to humongous ones), with the following:

  1. New Features
    1. Rudimentary Device Support
      As promised in my last post, I have added support for some mobile-specific classes. There are a bunch of conditionals available, such as is_mobile, is_iphone and is_ipad, which determine the device-type based on the user-agent of the browser. Based on this, certain classes are added to the body element of the page. E.g. device-desktop is added as a class if you are browsing through a desktop. The code for all of this has been liberally lifted from the mobble plugin.
      I didn’t have the time to fit in the sidebar positioning features – those will happen after I return.
    2. More Byline Control
      I have added the capability to specify starting and trailing texts for bylines. This means you can remove things like the “Tagged with: ” for tags and add text like “Filed under” for categories. Check out the options under Other Graphical Elements → Byline Configuration. For people desiring additional control, I have added the filters suffusion_before_byline_html and suffusion_after_byline_html to help you modify the strings based on your display etc.
    3. Some Admin Extensibility
      So far Suffusion has been fairly rigid about the back-end options. Of course, you can do insane amount of stuff with the options, but there has been no way to extend the options via child themes. In a first step to even better flexibility (who knew that was possible?), you can now use the suffusion_admin_modify_option_list filter and enhance the option list. E.g. if you are building a child theme with a new byline style, you could add the byline style to your list and make it available to all users of the child theme.
  2. Bug Fixes
    1. In some cases incorrect byline information was appearing if displayed in the post footer. This has been rectified.
    2. There was a bug in the reset capability for custom backgrounds – I have taken care of that.

Hope you enjoy this release, while I enjoy my vacation.

2 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.2.4”

  1. This is awesome! These features will go a long way in my theme!

  2. Great update, and great theme. Can you make similar changes with “Posted by” (to change for example ine “Written by” or something different) as you did with “tagged with”?

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