Suffusion Version 4.2.5

Nope, I am not back from vacation yet. On an extremely long layover at JFK I managed to add a few touches to release 4.2.4, queued up the changes for release, typed up this post and packed up. The changes are really minor in nature:

  1. I added new action hooks suffusion_before_custom_layout_widgets and suffusion_after_custom_layout_widgets, using which you can add sections in between the widget areas of the Custom Layout Template. So if you are using a child theme you can make use of these hooks to define things like headers etc. for each section of the Custom Layout Template.
  2. I also extended the suffusion_admin_modify_option_list support for “associative arrays” in the back-end. This means you should be able to tweak the options lists for dynamically generated multi-dimensional arrays in the back-end. In really simple terms, you can do things like adding options to the byline position drop-downs for custom post types.
  3. The post_class filter was causing issues for bbPress custom post types. This has been addressed.

In other good news I have coded up a bbPress pack to help you extend bbPress template support for Suffusion.

I will be back from my vacation on 19th. Till then, enjoy!

22 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.2.5”

  1. On my opera browser your Custom Layout is wird(only one colone)

    • This is an Opera bug, with version 12 of the browser. I might look into it after I return from my vacation.

  2. i use windows live writer (wlw). before suffusion 4.2.0, i update them in wlw, it displayed normal, but when i installed 4.2.5, and update it again, it’s abnormal in wlw.

  3. Great news about bbPress. Thanks!

  4. Happy to hear the news about the bbPress pack. Is that available now? How can I get it?

    Have an awesome vacation!


    • Nothing is needed, after upgrade to 4.2.5 bbPress works fine as last “good” version (4.2.0). Tested on bbPress 2.0.3 and (last fresh) 2.1.

      • I installed Suffusion bbPress Pack (with child theme) and after click to button (Re)Build bbPress Files bbPress doesn’t work and I must delete built files in child theme over ftp. Without Suffusion bbPress Pack works bbPress well.

        • Please be more specific – what exactly do you mean when you say “bbPress doesn’t work”? I have covered all scenarios of bbPress and I am fairly certain it works fine with the plugin.

          • Post is narrowed down to a left narrow tall column without post text

          • If I understand you correctly, I believe this is due to a change in bbPress 2.1 and is not a problem with the plugin – it is an issue that used to be seen with Suffusion 4.2.4 and older. Just to confirm, are you able to create bbPress topics etc.? That would mean bbPress is working fine.

          • Yes it looks as in versions from 4.2.1 to 4.2.4. Now without bbPress Pack all works fine. Look at my site.

  5. I still have no idea how to actually use suffusion_admin_modify_option_list and no one in the forums seems to be able to help either 🙁

    • Jon,
      Give me a few days – I am still on vacation and will return on 19th/20th, depending on whether or not I miss my connection. I will respond to your queries then.

  6. String “Tagged with: ” in post isn’t translatable by lang file.

    • Not any more, because you input the string from the options under Other Graphical Elements → Byline Configuration.

  7. Header Foreground Image isn’t visible.

    • It is – check the image for this site.

      • I don’t understand. I need rotating header background images and clickable foreground logo. I have upgraded from 4.2.0 where it worked fine, but now foreground image isn’t visible (rotate bck imgs works still fine). Thanks for help.

        • With child theme Foreground image work well.

        • After I checked WP checkbox “Show header text with your image.” foreground image is displayed good (without child theme including) 😉

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