Suffusion Version 4.3.2

Version 4.3.2 of Suffusion is now available for download. This version has the following changes:

  1. There was a minor issue in the magazine layout, which caused the text to overflow the headline box if the browser window was resized. I have addressed this.
  2. There was a discussion on the WP Theme Reviewers’ List a couple of weeks back that got ugly. The discussion was about the use of the “translation-ready” tag if the back-end was not translatable. Since Suffusion’s back-end is not translatable, I have removed the tag. This does not mean that the theme is not translatable! The front-end translation still behaves the way it used to – so this is more of a change impacting me rather than you or your users.
  3. There were some issues with the “Additional Options for Suffusion” box, where the tabs and fields were not getting positioned correctly. I have addressed those.
  4. I have also released the Suffusion Shortcodes plugin, which can be downloaded from its official WP page. This plugin essentially contains all the shortcodes used in Suffusion, but with a major advantage. You can leverage the full power of Suffusion’s shortcodes even if you stop using the theme!

I am working on the responsive aspects as and when I get some time off my regular job. Unfortunately things have not been that lightweight at work, so the responsive version (4.4.0) will take a bit more time than anticipated.

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  1. I got kids, they make me crazee. But your theme helps ease the work worries. Have a gift 4 u, but cant find your email addy. Plz help thanks

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