Suffusion Version 4.3.3

Nope, this is not the responsive release. This version has the following updates:

  1. The shortcodes bundled with the theme had stopped working, requiring the users to explicitly add the “Suffusion Shortcodes” plugin. I have corrected the issue in the theme.
  2. Three updates had been requested by Drake, and since I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all the help he provides on the forum, I implemented all of them:
    1. Modified the Twitter widget to link the tweeter’s profile picture to the user’s Twitter page.
    2. Modified the “Follow Me” widget so that it can pick up icons from the images/follow folder in a child theme.
    3. Added the capability to specify a link to a custom page in the “Query Posts” widget for the “All Posts” button.

Hope you enjoy the release.

4 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.3.3”

  1. Thank You Sayontan,

    I hope that are good additions in theme for other users which wish to personalize more their sites.


  2. Thanks!
    Minor requests:
    1. Custom Layout Widget to add page content back in.
    2. Tweet filter for specific #hashtags.
    brilliant work and support,

  3. Hi,
    just updated my template and it override some stuff, like the sidebar background color how do i change it back? you can email me directly.


  4. Heads up – reports a problem with the following line: Header=0, Body=0, Compression ratio=100%

    it can’t find it and therefore it is not downloaded. I haven’t noticed any problem with the site but an error is an error….

    There seems to be a missing “/” before the ?..

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