Suffusion Version 4.4.6

Version 4.4.6 of Suffusion was released a little while back. This is a minor version, but with some far-reaching changes:

  1. I have changed the JQuery functions in the theme to use on instead of live. The live function was deprecated in JQuery 1.7.0 and is removed in 1.9.0. Now, WP itself distributes JQuery 1.8.3, which is why there was no issue with the theme. However, some plugins get fancy and pull the latest version of JQuery from Google CDN and that used to break Suffusion. This release should work fine with JQuery 1.9.0
  2. The prior versions of Suffusion used to come with FancyBox and ColorBox scripts that had been slightly modified to handle JQuery Tooltip. I have found a way around this, now the scripts are back to the original.
  3. Suffusion was using the image_resize function so far for image resizing. This function got deprecated in WP 3.5, so I have added the code to use the new replacement.
  4. I added a filter, suffusion_cat_tag_query_args to featured posts for letting users add their own parameters to the query.

Hope you like this version.

16 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.4.6”

  1. Thanks for the professional Template

    I can’t use pages list in the Drop-down menus on Navigation Bar
    please help me

  2. I am truly in awe of the work you put into this for we, the public, and don’t charge us a nickle 🙂 All I can do is thank you for all you do for the community and hope that will do until you are better paid.
    Thank you Sayontan!

    • Kathlb, you know, you can always make a donation! You don’t have to wait until better pay appears from other random place 😉

      I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just saying that is Suffusion has a value to people, then perhaps they can spare a few dollars!

  3. You are the man! Using the suffusion theme on our site:

    – If possible, sometime in the future add a default skin where everything is minimalistic. No borders etc. That would work really good for themes like us. At the moment i’m using the custom CSS option, but plugins keep taking the default css styling and so it makes things just a little bit longer to do…

  4. Excause me,I am a Chinese User.I only want the Featured Image shows at my home page,and don’t show Featured Image at Post page,but I can’t setting it well.Could you told me how to setting it?

  5. Please let me know how do I upgrade from 4.0.6 to 4.4.6 ?
    if I just download the newer version it tells me that such foldert exist…
    Please help

  6. My Suffusion-based website suddenly is very fast with the latest WordPress and Suffusion, that is while logged in as admin, meaning W3TC is not even active. Fantastic ! That makes these latest versions really good.

    I did have to Smush the images for even further optimization, but all good.

    Thanks for the continuous development and improvements !

  7. Hi
    In last version(s) stopped working widget in post [suffusion-widgets id=’1′]. I tested it in two sites and it doesnt work at all. Is this general issue or only my problem?

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  9. Since I updated to 4.4.6 Suffusion theme, my “save” and “reset” buttons to change options aren’t working. If anyone could help, that would be awesome. I already tried deactivating plugins to see if one was interfering and did not see any results. Thanks so much.

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