Legacy Suffusion Version Availability

I have stopped working on Suffusion (and supporting it in any form) after it was pulled from the WordPress repository. However, there were several requests for the code to be made available for download. I have finally put up a version at GitHub. There are two folders available there:

  • code – Contains the raw code used for the theme. I have ensured that all of it is current as per version 4.4.9, and that a couple of corrections required have been included.
  • dist – Contains the zip files for the code. You can use the 4.4.9 version (the last available version from WP), or the 4.5.0 version. The 4.5.0 version contains the corrections cited above.

Please note that I am not resuming development for the theme – keeping up with an obstructionist Theme Review Team is too cumbersome (apparently now Custom CSS is not allowed in themes!!). There will potentially be a point of time in the future when the currently available versions will cease to be compatible with WordPress. As of now the theme runs fine with WP 4.7.2.

6 Responses to “Legacy Suffusion Version Availability”

  1. Thank you Sayontan for what you have done!
    Any chance you would be willing (or anyone) for that matter. To make the widgets from the theme into a plugin? So that we could use those widgets with different themes?

    Thank you again!

    • Not me. But the code is available in the GitHub repository, so if someone is willing to carve it out, I have no issues with that. It can even be released officially – GPL allows that.

  2. So sorry you theme is gone. I really loved it. You are awesome Sayontan!

  3. OMG, I didn´t know about this??? I recently published my site using Suffusion and the magazine template. This is the only wp-theme
    I have learned because I think it is so great… and now this. I´m so sorry that the Team was too demanding!!!
    But what to do now with my site…….I feel devastated 🙁
    I hope and pray for a solution. All the work you have done with Suffusion, will that be vasted Sayontan?
    And the work all users of Suffusions have done…..

    Pretty, pretty please….someone

    • Suffusion has not been available from the WP website since June of last year (almost 9 months have passed), which leads me to ask where you got the theme, since you say you recently published your site. If you obtained the theme from any site other than wordpress.org, or the GitHub link above, then the copy might have malware.

      A good version of the theme will still work with the current version of WP, but at some point of time in the future, with more releases of WP it might cease to work.

      • I downloaded the theme a couple of (maybe 3) years ago from the official WP website when I created a blog for a friend. It was the first time ever I used WordPress and the first time ever with any theme. (Before I did homepages in Dreamweaver) So I had the theme in a zipfolder on my harddrive.. I did a wordpress-one-click installation at the webhotel and then uploaded the zipfolder with the theme. I worked with my website for ten months because it was hard to figure everything out but then I launched my website January 6, this year. What do you think, will my site cease to work in a month, a year? What´s your guess?