Photonic Version 2.63 – CLS Reduction, CSS Cleanup

A Happy New Year to Photonic users! I have just released version 2.63 of Photonic with the following changes: CLS Reduction You might be wondering what CLS is. CLS stands for “Cumulative Layout Shift”. This is a fancy term introduced by Google’s PageSpeed team, which refers to the shifting of content when objects are rendered […]

Photonic Version 2.62 – Loading Mode and Slideshow Updates

As the Christmas time happens to be that time of the year when my day job takes a backseat, I am often able to devote time to my hobbies (coding being one of them) during the holidays. This year I was able to finally release the ES6 version of the plugin (though technically that came […]

Photonic Version 2.61 – Minor Stability Patch

I released version 2.61 of Photonic earlier today. This is a minor release with the following updates: The “Show Gallery” feature was not working for Justified Grids and Mosaic layouts for BaguetteBox, BigPicture, GLightbox, LightGallery, PhotoSwipe, Featherlight, Image Lightbox and Magnific. This wasn’t a new bug – apparently this has never worked for LightGallery, PhotoSwipe, […]

Photonic Version 2.60 – Hello ES6!

I released version 2.60 of Photonic earlier today. This is a major release that completes the modernization of the underlying framework of the plugin. Without much ado, here are the key highlights of this release: Switch to Modern JavaScript Undoubtedly one of the biggest undertakings in Photonic’s history, this update delivers a rewrite of the […]

Photonic Version 2.46 – Instagram oEmbed, jQuery Migrate

I released version 2.46 of Photonic a couple of hours back. Contrary to what I was planning for the release, this ended up being a much smaller patch to address a few things: Instagram oEmbed Deprecation I have often railed at Facebook for making things needlessly complicated when it comes to Instagram. In this latest […]

Upcoming Photonic Impact – Transitioning from jQuery

Ever since I started work on WordPress in 2009, I have been a big proponent of jQuery. Up until recently almost all my projects used jQuery, with Kon-Tiki eventually breaking the trend by discarding JavaScript altogether. The jQuery library came into prominence with a host of contemporaries – MooTools, Scriptaculous etc. It propagated the concept […]

Photonic Versions 2.44 & 2.45 – Stabilization Patch

I missed providing the change log for the last couple of Photonic releases, but both were fairly minor and dealt mostly with stabilization. Anyway, for the sake of completeness, here goes: 2.44 I removed the capability to show “more buttons” on archive views. This was a feature that was rarely used, if ever, but took […]

Photonic Version 2.43 – Stability Patch

I have released version 2.43 of Photonic. This is a stability patch addressing the following issues after last week’s big 2.40 upgrade: Trying to create a new post on PHP 5.6.x was causing a fatal error. This should be fine now. There was a corner case conflict between the use of the standard WP hook, […]

Photonic Version 2.42 – Quick Patches

I released a patch for Photonic via version 2.42. This has primarily the following bug fixes: On the gallery wizard, if you clicked “Load More” for a SmugMug gallery, that was not working. The Beaver Builder integration was partially broken. Galleries for Google Photos were not showing up on the dedicated gallery page. Just calling […]